Aaron and I hit the Nurburgring!

A few weeks ago, while we were in Germany, Aaron (SRBURG13) and I hit the Nurburgring with a race-prepped E36 M3 we rented. It was an amazing day and one I won’t ever forget. I really want to go back next year to get some more track time under my belt. If anyone wants to know how/where to rent a car and how to plan a trip there, shoot me a PM. If you’re on this board, I’m pretty sure you’d have an awesome time like I did.

Here’s a bit of the video we took during our day on the track!

bad ass nice song selection haqha

Damn, that musta been fun! Very jealous.

Awesome. Definitely something I want to do.

Man guys,

That looks like so much fun. This is a must before I die

Wow, that looks so amazing.

Whats the conversion on that fee? $20k to $30k if you crash? Out of curiosity, how much did it cost you to rent the car for a run? Unless it was mentioned somewhere already and I’m blind.

It was definitely one of the better days of my life. Thanks Dave for meeting us there. I went last year as well, but didn’t have a rental, so this year we had to make it happen.

It is something like $25,000 if you crash, but that was only if it was a write off (which is easy to do on there).

Correct me if I’m wrong Dave, but with fuel, laps ($30/lap) and the rental, it cost roughly $700. Nevermind getting there, hotels, food etc etc etc. We had the car for about 3 hours. Full day rental is up over a $1000.

Definitely a good time, and plenty of cool cars there.