Affordable alternative to dual rear caliper setup for drifters

Hey guys, just want to see if anyone out there would be interested in my latest project.

My plan is to utilize the stock S13/S14 rear calipers and rotors for standard foot pedal braking, and installing an additional pair of z32 rear calipers to work on the stock S13/S14 rotor for the hydrolic ebrake. Why? A few reasons…

Drifting can be very expensive between building a car and buying enough rims and rubber to spend a whole day shredding tires. This if for people like me who love drifting and want to have a ‘proper’ set up without throwing tons of money at the car. Weather you have a purpose built car or a street car that you take to the track, I am making an affordable alternative to the current dual caliper setup with hydrolic emergency brake. If your building a D1 drift machine and budget is not an issue, then this is not for you.

Pros and Cons for current dual Z32 caliper setup

Simply unmatched braking performance…period

Expensive (parts alone will run you $1700-$2000 plus big install costs if you cant do it your self)
Must use at least 16" or 17" rims making tire are rim costs very high
Must interrupt existing rear braking hyrolic system to install Z32 calipers and stainless lines for pedal brake. (more time and money)

Pros and Cons for alternative dual caliper setup

Half the price (your looking at about $800-$900 in parts and half the labor to install)
You can use OEM 15" rims which are cheap and the tires are cheap too (great for me as I have 40 OEM rims :))
You dont have to touch the existing rear braking hydrolic system at all

S13/S14 rear calipers are known to seize so if they are old and shitty rebuild them!!

So I should have this all ready for the April drift event and I should have it on my car and my buddy Paul’s S13 Silvia. If this is something that you may be interested in let me know. Once I have finished designing and testing it, I plan on selling the 1/4" aluminium plates to mount the calipers. If there is enough interest, I will put together a complete package price with Varun including the hydro brake, calipers, pads, brackets, stainless lines and all hardware needed for the install.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks

what do the Maverick kits work out to when you complete them?

Please explain how it costs 2gs to run dual z32 calipers? Are you flying to japan and buying them from the dealership?

2 pairs of calipers 4-450
new rotors 200
ebrake 200
lines 100


look here before you say bs
AND there are wilwood dyna-something-i-dont remember that fits the mounting the mounting points and pads are much cheaper (60, 70 a set)
and save $ and make ur own lines
you can also get pbm rear knokles and they have dual caliper mounts built in them, so you be killing exp^100 birds with 1 stone and still not hitting 2 grand.


if you msg me that is. LOL

yah i dont understand this business… its cheap. theres a pair of calipers for 100$ on GTRC right now…

wow I didn’t know I posted this on JDM rides. I would expect such rude responses from there. Here I am trying to help some people out and I get shit on.

My $17000-$2000 range is simple. It reflect how much it would cost if you go and buy all this shit new at retail. These are prices that anyone gets anytime. If you happen to be as amazing as sharp_corners, you can get shit cheaper.

Maverick dual bracket 249.99
Mustang rotors 200.00
Ksport hydro brake with 5/8 master 320.00
SS lines for hydro 125.00
4x z32 calipers 480.00
2 sets hawk hp+ pads 210.00
z32 rear stainless lines 70.00
+tax $ 215.15
Total $1870.00

If no one is interested in paying $100-$150 for brackets that allow you to cut this list in half, then so be it. I will enjoy the fruits of my labor by myself.

If you’re trying to be professional about this, I would’ve believed you if you didn’t post that first few sentences and just let the numbers/records talk.
Now you just sound as much of a “baby” as the people you’re criticizing.

What’s wrong with people trying to prove a point? they’re doing the same as you, this is a forum after all lol.

thanks, for trying to help some people out.

lol jdmr…

^JDMR 4 Life broo.

I’m sorry but we are talking about 240s. and this is SON. I think there are more money spenders on JDMR than here.
Who really buys new @ retail? and even if you want to pay retail… these are 240s…
And it comes with SS lines…

Anyways its good that your making a cheaper alternative… but even at 8-9bills seems pricey for the cheapo who wants dual calipers… just saying

so this would be identical to the existing dual caliper kit, instead using s13/14 foot brake caliper and z32 hydro? would this not still require a different rotor becasue of the hub being spaced out, same as the other kit?

i worked out the maverick kit before and it would cost closer to 1k than 2.

a real cheap alternative would be to weld additional mounts to the knuckle.

anyways still curious to see how this turns out.

Cadence, your right I was cranky last night, should keep my cool :slight_smile: Now that everyone is done crying (including me), lets do the math again. Lets just say that my prices were inflated by 50% for arguments sake. Clearly FRsport is selling the ebrake on sale for 199.99 plus tax and shipping (thanks Driftacular). We all know we can all go out and get better prices on all of the parts listed. But that means the $1700-$2000 range is inflated by the same 50% as my $800-$900 alternative. It is still half the price no matter how you look at it.

Current dual caliper setup needs 4 z32 calipers. My alternative needs only 2 (utilizing existing oem ones for pedal braking). Current dual caliper setup needs 2 cobra rotors, my alternative uses existing rotors. Current dual caliper setup needs 2 sets of pads, my alternative needs 1. , Current dual caliper bracket is 249.99 plus tax and shipping, my alternative will be around $100-$150 cash!! Do you see where this is going guys? Half the parts, half the price, half the labor.

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Basically all I am doing is installing a 1/4" aluminium plate behind the hub to mount the z32 calipers. This will simply bring the hub and oem rotor out 1/4". It will be like running a 1/4" spacer on each side. To compensate for the offset, I will need to make 1/4" spacers for OEM caliper brackets to bring them back in line with the rotor. Sure welding is an option but not for everybody, espesually when the brackets im making are simple and cheap. This is bolt on stuff.

Additionally, the OEM S13/S14 rotors are thinner then Z32, so I will be making spacers that fit between the Z32 pads and the caliper pistons to make up for the difference.

I would like to point out that I am not doing this as some money making idea. I truly came up with this for myself because I have a stack of 15" rims that would be useless if I ran the current dual caliper setup because of the cobra rotors large diameter. I figured there would be a couple other guys that would be in the same boat as me. Im not interested in selling parts, I have a job already, just wanted to help.[/ur
asd is milliontimes better and comes with wilwood brk cylinder=easy and cheap rebuild+reliability

Yah the ASD stuff is really nice. The Ksport looks nice because it has the lock allowing it to acts like a regular ebrake for loading the car on the trailer and stuff like that. But I hear the master cylinder it comes with it crap.

i sell ISIS handbrakes for $150 brand new and usually have one in stock. The K-sport has some nicer finishing but if we’re talking solely cost-based the ISIS cuts $50+ out of this.

i like the Z32 rear calipers better than using multiple S13/s14 calipers.

the Z32 look much nicer, say nissan on them etc. you can get nice rebuilt ones well within your price range… i think for the price difference and the availability of the maverick kits and line kits you might as well run Z32 rear calipers.

i continue to take issue with the SON being cheapskates… yeah it’s true but i’ve had harder times dealing with z33/V33 and BMW E9X M3 guys than i have had with SON guys in the last 3 months.

i doubt there are many guys putting the cash down on $15k - $20k civics and integras in the GTA these days… and yet Varun and Dan both sold high-dollar S14’s pretty quickly.

No question, z32 are better calipers. But the problem with the maverick kit is it requires large mustang cobra rotors (bigger then z32 rotors) that will make my army of 15" rims useless. Getting the Mavericks and 4 z32 calipers isnt hard to get a good deal on. Im trying to have best of both worlds. Oem calipers for regular braking, z32 for hydro only and all this will fit behind my 15" rims due to the fact that im using stock s13 rotors. It should be interesting.

my recommendation would be to scrap the whole 15" rim idea.

because… you know… they’re 15" rims broooooooooooooooo

ksport MC is crap, I’d go straight to a Tilton, wilwood is good… but for the few extra dollars the tilton is that much better.

@bing, i think most canadian car enthusiast are cheap. lol

it’s not a Canadian thing… it’s anyone who has less money than they wish they had.

or anyone who has more time than money

Normally I would agree bing. But I have spent huge amounts of money on my S14 time attack car already and I cant spend that kind of cash on my S13 drift car even if I have it in the bank. I have a wife, a mortgage, a little girl that is 17 months old and my wife is pregnant with baby number two. For me its not about being cheap, its about being responsible. Its not just about me anymore, its about my family. I need to be creative to afford to play with my toys now. I get 15" tires for free, and I bring 40 to the track mounted and ready to go. It allows me to drive the car hard all day with out having to pick and choose my corners. Anyone that brings 2 sets of rims to Shannonville knows what I mean. Most people in my situation would be selling their car(s)…fu*k that :slight_smile:

Cheap…no, just creative

Get rid of your car and leave us alone.
-Z32 calipers are cheap.
-17" tires are cheap.
-18" tires are cheap.

The whole point of a dual caliper setup is to be over the top, you dont want to be over the top so give up on the idea.

-Good pads and rotors make a basic s13 ebrake lock fine all day every day.