All Terrain (AT) Tires (BFG vs. General)

I am looking to replace the stock Dunlop Grand Trek tires that came on my 2011 Tacoma. Last winter, I managed to get stuck in a snow drift that was about a foot and a half deep in four wheel drive. They are sketchy on hard pack snow and look like they would be absolutely useless in mud. I have read online that others have regarded this as an absolutely hopeless tire.

I have also read that I can go up in size from 245 75 16 to 265 75 16 without rubbing. It should change my outer diameter about an inch, and hopefully fill the wheel wells a little bit better.

Right now I am between the BF Goodrich All-terrains and General Grabber AT2s. I have read good reviews on both. The BF has been around forever and is proven, but the General seems to be really well received, and is a bit more modern. Anyone out there have any real world advise? Am I skipping any good tires choices?




I washed the mud off my truck and then got stuck in said mud in my lawn, they don’t clean out worth a damn.

BFG has come out with a rugged terrain, we sell the shit out of them. We have them on the plow truck here and a few employees that work here have them on there personal trucks.

Running these on the jeep.
Pretty quiet on road and work in mud pretty damn well.

Have owned both. T/A’s I ran for nearly 60k miles, their treadwear is outstanding! Good grip in the snow and mud, disagree with post above, I did some fairly serious mud wheeling with T/A’s in a stock Jimmy with open diffs and never got it stuck. They also plowed my ass around the morning of the October storm with no issues. Overall a great tire and wouldn’t be disappointed if I had them again.

Recently had AT2’s for about 10k miles. Loved them! Their snow/ice traction is a little better than the T/A’s and a little bit quieter and smoother on the road. Didn’t have them long enough to judge treadwear, but after 10k they weren’t down more than a few 32nds from new.

Both were great tires and the AT2’s are generally a bit cheaper. AT2’s will be going on my new truck as soon as its current tires wear out, so that should tell you which I think is better.

I have the Grabber AT2’s on my Xterra, will be 2 years in November. Tread wear is excellent, still over 50% tread left, put probably 25,000 on them so far including a trip to Florida and back. Grabber’s were much cheaper than the T/A’s which is why I chose them, when I originally was going to get the T/A’s and just deal with the cost. I don’t have any extreme wheeling stories to back them up, but I’ve never gotten stuck in any situation, deep snow, fields etc. I plan on getting another set after these wear out. AT2’s are also studdable, if you choose to do so.

I ran the BFG’s on my jetta and there snow traction was HORRIBLE. I think next winter im running the generals. but i have not used them yet.

Neither, my vote is the dueler a/t revo 2. Hands down the best tire I’ve ever had on a truck (my old expedition).

I had this tire before the Grabber AT2’s and I liked it but for me it didnt have as good of a tread life IMO compared to the AT2’s, got about 2 years out of those.

Good tires, but the treadwear on them is terrible.

I have at2s on my truck and like them, So far i have about 30k and there only about half worn out. They have slight road noise since new but not bad at all. I have no off road storys either but for winter there not to bad. They seem to wear evenly and no cupping.

I have used a number of tires over the years. These are my favorite:

Cooper Discoverer S/T

Used these for multiple winter seasons up and down the 219 when it was not plowed, heading to Holiday Valley and back during White-outs, and just good ole West Falls driving. Pulled a few cars out of light drifts and when my Landlord burried his plow blade in a mound.

Never got stuck and sometimes was running in snow that the Front axle was pushing. I got 4 years (not just the seasons) and about 20,000 miles out of the same tires and sold the truck (94 F-150 5 spd 4x4 I6) with them still on.

A lot of Trucks we sold for the winter had these tires on them as well. Never had any complaints.

I plan on getting the same tires on my Ranger this year. There are some Goodyear tires on there now I absolutely hate…came with the Truck.

I forgot about these. :tup:

Really surprised. Maybe they changed the compound from the Revo to the Revo 2. Mine were wearing great (revo 1’s) until some bad front shocks cupped the hell out of them. A buddy had them on his Bronco (the revo 1’s) for a couple years and they barely wore at all.

I didn’t have these exact tires, but I had another set of Generals that I put on my Tacoma when I had it. They were better then the Bridgestones that were on there from the factory. Also, the tire is not going to stop you from getting stuck in the snow, the basic problem is that the front of the Tacoma is a giant wedge, that just packs snow up under the truck, eventually packing and setting you up higher then the ground. At that point the tires are just not touching the ground and you are sitting on a giant pile of snow that has been packed under the truck.

It sounds like you have the off road package, since you mentioned 16" wheels? You can go larger (the ones you mentioned should fill fine without rubbing), just be aware that the wider the tires are, the worse they will do in snow, if that is your main concern.

goodyear duratracs

Thanks for all of the replies so far. After reading through everything so far, I think I am leaning toward the Generals. I think the Duratracs are a little more aggressive than I am looking for. I’ll have to look into the Coopers a little bit more too.

Nitto mud graPpler!!!

Ran these on my 06 F250. Little noisy on the thruway but excellent grab in mud and snow. Tread wear is hardly noticeable. Don’t see myself needing new tires anytime soon.


Cars stuck in the snow ahead of you, no problem just roll them over on the way!

I’ve recently had the Michelin M/S2’s and they are a great street tire. They do ok off road, and I got about 75-80K miles out of two sets. The A/T2’s are also great, a little more aggressive and better off road got 60K out of a set of those.