Atlanta airport

I have a giant layover coming up at atl. I know that airport is super huge, is there anything to do there other than drink? I won’t leave the airport…

get to your gate cause that will take all the time you will have :stuck_out_tongue:

There isn’t too much to do other than drink good luck

Don is correct, get to your gate and then drink


the only 2 flights i have ever missed have been at ATL

good luck if you need to go from one end to the other. takes forever.

Atlanta is big, depending what terminal you arrive in and where you need to go that might eat up most of your layover.

run unless you have more than an hour layover… i have a layover there tomorrow. If you have that long of a layover, we can play hackysack!.. ?

lol a long time to get places? just take the train, any terminal in the place in a couple mins

even still. i had a close to an hour layover before and even with the train i still was walking up to my gate as it was boarding.

fucking hippies!

I dunno then, i’ve been there I dont know how many times, and i’m usually waiting at the gate way before I need to be?

I wonder how they got those giant flight of stairs to pass building code…coming from the subway going upstairs…there is probably 100 something stairs.

If you have lots of time, Concourse E is the international terminal and has the best food court by far. However, it does take a few minutes to get back and forth, so plan accordingly. Airport is an airport, sit at the bar closest to your gate and enjoy.

That airport always has a stench to it.

Same here. I’ve been to that airport a dozen times or so and have never come close to missing a flight during a layover. LAX on the other hand, now that is a big airport.

Big airport is different than poorly laid out airport. Hartsfiled is well layed out and has good inter-terminal transportation… there is a reason it is the busiest airport in the world.

funny I was just checking out the shops there ,I have to buy my chicks V-day gift there when I fly to west palm fri., pay check does not hit the bank till fri morning when I am in the air …

Creepy robot trains…

cool, thanks for the input. I have about five hours there I believe…

that smell like pee

no really though, I hate that airport so much, the good food is always like 3 concourses away from my gate.