Benson sleeves

Anybody ever hear anything bad about Dan Benson and his work?

Its good work but it takes forever and for the money cant beat GE sleeves… His are just replacement and GE has the rib’s down each of the sleeves to add to the strength. So i would give GE a better score for the same price

What about the engine building skill?

you are an engine building master now… what do you need him for?

lol yea rite
i would do it i just wish i could build another before i try something that is worth a whole lot more

that other one i have needs put together soon. its all you!

Golden Eagle for me, they also assemble out there,

ERL i heard awsome things too.

station auto parts assembled mine with no problems


my motivation sick and tired of having to worry about something

GE Sleeves FTW!!!

man… i wish i had the money to play like that :sadwavey:

Cast Iron ATW

With GE sleeves are all four one piece? or is every cyl seperate sleeve?

They should all be seperate.

erl sleeves

erl sleeves FTW

If I bore stock sleeves to 81.5 mm is that gonna cause them to be too weak for boost? no more then 20 lbs on them tho?

alot of people bore it to get a sure seal all the up and down the sleeve, andrea on H-T has a stock sleeve motor 81.5 that 650+ on a jeff evans dyno