Black Man Goes on EPIC Rant Against Ferguson Rioters


I’d really like to see these “military weapons” that everyone speaks of…

as far as I know, an armored vehicle is not a military weapon… it is a military VEHICLE. The military uses Chevy pickup trucks too, do we consider those military weapons?

Ar-15s? anyone who isn’t a felon can own an AR-15… so why are the police harassed for owning these?

WHen I see an M1 tank loaded with artillery shells driving down main st, I’ll call that a military weapon… but until then…


A truck specifically designed to be used in Afghanistan and Iraq to keep soldiers safe from IEDs isn’t military?

Cops also have been rocking full auto AR15s but hey carry on :lol:

It also probably helps to defuse a situation by having a line of people pointing AR15s into a large crowd to deescalate a situation /sarcasm


i think they were completely justified.
i wouldnt bother with a taser when someone is coming at me with a deadly weapon.
while youre on youtube doing your taser research look up the 21ft rule when it comes to edged weapons.

oh and for the record ive seen tasers deployed where both barbs havent made good contact and/or the suspect tore them out of their skin and they didnt skip a beat…


Is that video real?


That was self preservation posting on his behalf, trying to apply logic to his statement is just plain silly. :wink:



What’s wrong with police having armored vehicles? You do know police get shot at quite a bit… so having an armored vehicle is pretty smart… oh, whats that? Instead of the state buying it, they can get it for free!

So again, read my post before you try to attack me. Oh, and full auto M4s… yeah, police have them, but so do thousands of us citizens, what’s wrong with that?

oh, and, let’s say you’re ordered to go into an area, to maintain order and curb looting… there are thousands of people there that would like to harm/kill you… would you rather take a crown vic…or an armored vehicle? Remember, you have to go home to your wife and kids at the end of shift…


Again it was designed for military use in a war zone…There is no reason half the small towns in the US need them. I have lots of friends and family who are LEO it doesn’t change the point there is no need for armored IED resistant vehicles especially bought for the purpose of protecting against terrorism.

You have a complete lack of understanding about actual crime statistics if you think officer shooting at so common in some of these middle of no where places that you can some how justify armored vehicles.

Since you’re an expert how many civilians own fully automatic weapons made after 1986? I can wait

For reference this is a video a police force made and they even picked die mother fucker die by Dope

A town that had 7 murders over the past 10+ years and I doubt a terrorist can find on a map :lol:

It’s cool local police forces want to play dress up pretend they’re military

It’s also neat most military units have rules of engagement IE not pointing your loaded weapon at groups of unarmed people…but hey when you give the local cops a M4, plate carrier, and everything else its cool for them to do :lol: :lol:

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Oh and for the record I have no issue giving cops AR15s

However there really isn’t a situation that would warrant a police officer running around with a full auto M4

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I assume you also think crime is getting worse in America? I’m guessing you fall somewhere in here

Even though its at some all time low :lol:


I wonder if part of the reason crime is dropping is due to cameras being installed almost anywhere


The crime rate starts to drop in 1994, because Roe vs. Wade happened in 1973. (I stole that observation from freakenomics: )


Do you think that violent crime is dropping due to the presence of a much stronger police force? I for one have no problem with police using armored vehicles for search warrants, riot controls, etc… Because, there’s no laws against it. But, that doesn’t mean I’m for violation of our constitutional rights. I feel that any LEO that violates someone’s rights needs to be removed from their position, because it gives a bad name to all the good LEOs

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Also, LZ, do you realize that the majority of police that are using this old military equipment are in fact ex military?

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That doesn’t fucking matter…

The US isn’t a war zone the mission is entirely different and separate for a reason.


Just to throw fuel on the LZ-snowracer discussion…

As part of the law that allowed the military equipment to be dispersed to local law enforcement; there is a requirement that the equipment has to be used at least 1 time every 12 months or the equipment must be returned to the federal government. So even in sleepy hollow with 700 people where they have an armored personal carrier, the law essentially entices the local law enforcement to use the equipment, just so they don’t have to give their free “toys” back.


There was a great study done that correlated the drop in violent crime to the reduction of lead in the air. Crime has dropped since lead was phased out of gasoline.

I have a problem with under trained, over reactionary law enforcement using weapons of war to SERVE the public with my tax dollars. I didn’t ask for it and I don’t want it. I’d prefer they use that money to expand mindfulness training for officers to teach them how to deal with their emotions in tense situations and keep a cool head.

Exactly. There should be no standing army against the citizens of the US by the US. These police officers are under trained using weapons they quite frankly are not emotionally competent enough to handle. This is why militias exist.


And for the lolz


To a person with only a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail.

Dropping the lead from gas dropped the crime rate…till the price of unleaded hits $5 and beyond. Then this becomes SPARTAAAAAA! Joking aside I’m 100% with ya. The extremely liberal portion of our population continues to BEG for advancing protections from a terrorist bogey man aka their neighbor. Ironic…the very same peace loving people that are uber fearful of spooky black firearms have put weapons of war & unwavering trust in the hands of elected leaders and LEO’s (fellow fallible humans). This is what our society has become, a bunch of shortsighted in-fighting dimwits pretending to be smarter than the other “side”. How isolating and cowardly, growing an elitist task force when “we the people” are perfectly capable of protecting each other. But hey, unity is overrated…this is 'Muricaaaaa.


While I agree with you that not EVERY town needs an armored vehicle, I do believe large cities do have a use for them… Like I said before, these armored vehicles don’t have any weapons mounted on them… There’s a video that just surfaced yesterday of an active shooter blasting away at cops and innocent people… The police force used the armored vehicle to go into the area and rescue the people… So, they do have their uses.

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Also, LZ, while the US isn’t a war zone and I 100% agree with you, I believe LE has every right to be able to defend themselves with weapons that are accessible to the citizens of this country… And I say that because LEOs are people too, they have a mission so serve and protect… But at the end of the night, they need to go home to their family.

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And as far as undertrained… Yeah, some local LE may be undertrained, and that’s a problem in itself, but to use that as a blanket statement is pretty ignorant.

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Right fully auto weapons made after 1986 are NOT accessible to citizens.

There are also 0 examples of NFA weapons (full auto made prior to 1986) being used in ANY crimes.

So please tell me why LEO would need a full auto M4 :lol: