Black Man Goes on EPIC Rant Against Ferguson Rioters


Yes, but citizens can still hipfire. Full auto is a must for LEO.


Most LEOs don’t have full auto weapons? I work with a lot of local and state guys and none have full auto? My agency has full auto because we have arrested people who actually have in possession full auto AKs

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Also, LZ, u do know there are a lot of fully auto rifles out there that aren’t ATF compliant, right?

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And LZ read up on the '96 LA bank robbery. Do you have anything else?

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And guess what it got stopped by standard civilian AR15s and bolt action rifles :lol:

There is actual 0 reason to give any LEO full auto weapons that tactics employed by LEO are completely different than military.

You’re more than welcome to forever debate all of these points endlessly and you won’t sway my point of view.


Such weapon. Many crime. WOW!


Dude you’re fucking retarded, if you think there has only been one instance of automatic weapons used in the commission of a crime in the US. I can’t even argue with you anymore. And just because LEOs have full auto doesn’t mean they use them.

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And you won’t sway my viewpoint either, as I know what it’s like to be a LEO, and I can honestly say, that having access to certain equipment is paramount in our safety.

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So why have them?

Waste more tax dollars?

Feel free to cite some actual examples of fully auto guns being used in crimes in the US outside of the North Hollywood shootout because as we know outlier events are a great way to make policy.


Nah, fully auto and semi auto from COLT are the exact same price. Just FYI.

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You guys are fucking retarded. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: x 1billion LZ sarcastic emojies


Here is an idea. Don’t break the law and you wont have to worry about any of this.

Not sure about you but if I was put on the front line of the police and told I had to stand in a crowd with 50 of us and 2,000+ pissed off people, I’d like to have some self defense as well. Everyone is all full of talk about what the cops should and shouldn’t have. I don’t see any of you trying to make a difference in being a cop and putting yourself in their shoes. Only just talking about how they shouldnt have something that any civilian can get there hands on anyways. (full auto rifles, armored cars, full body armor, etc) These people are told they need to go into a house which has people selling high priced drugs with guns surrounding them…and with no complaints. I’d love to see half the people on here have the balls to be the first one in that house and run in with a pistol and no body armor and say, “you are under arrest” to which the reply is 5 people shooting at you.
People are always so quick to talk without being on the end of the police… everyone goes against those trying to keep the country a better place. Ever think… maybe if we stopped breaking the law and stop having these mass shootings, the police wouldn’t have to worry about getting shot by an AR or submachine gun by some crazed person.

Everyone is always so quick to bitch… but forget who the first responders are when some idiots got your family held at gun point in your own home. Wish the cops could toss you a pistol and say… “well, lets see what you got”


How do you know your point of view is wrong?

yambag agrees with you


you’re right. i’m wrong. don’t really care. i collect my paycheck and as long as i get home safe, that’s all i care about. now back to working on my ///M


From “Protect and Serve” to “Punish and Enslave”…

Or should I say what ever happened to Protect and Serve the public? Now it’s fuck everyone else, I’m carrying as much protection as possible from the public, don’t take responsibility for anything we fuck up, and no matter what I’m going home at night. YOU picked the job, YOU knew what you were getting into, YOU wanted to be a police officer, YOU wanted to “Protect & Serve”… Instead it seems like more of it is “I was bullied as a teenager, now I can become the bully”; Fuck Protect and Serve the Public, I’m going home tonight, etc.

NOTE: this isn’t a bash against all LEOs, this is a general statement, I know the old “a few bad apples”, etc… One bad apple tarnishes the appearance of everything though.


The problem is everyone that complains about the police doing bad are the same people that either live in an area that doesnt have high crime rates/bad crimes happening around them. Also hearing things that are put on the News, Twitter and other social medias that most of these are for gaining interest against the police/ratings on tv/hate from someone with criminal backgrounds or family who have been arrested on several occasions and need to bad mouth someone when they have no leg to stand on.

Take for instance the article I read about NYC. 2,000 and some killings in one year which went down to 40 some killings. Al Sharpton wanted to march against the police about the kills against blacks rather than realize he should march in favor of the police turning the city around and allowing a safer place to live for his family and business to succeed with less problems.

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How about this then as well. The Army, Military, Navy, Etc all have new technology every year being brought in turning old technology to be outdated and not used. This in return makes those items that were paid for, now sit and not be used. Instead of letting it build dust and be useless, they give it to someone that in return will give better protection for the people trying to protect your ass from crazy people that will not hesitate to try and kill.
From my knowledge, cant me and you go to an army surplus and buy these very items as well? Sure the police may get first dips on the trucks, but if leftovers… cant we purchase them if out of service?


40? What year was that?


Pretty strong indicator it would seem.

I am rather concerned with our ever expanding police state, especially considering the dog eat dog nature of our society. Self important citizens promoting an elitist, self reinforcing domestic swat force…what could possibly go wrong?


Interesting thought I just had…

Cold war, US Vs Russia… we had nukes, they got nukes, we had bombers, they built bigger bombers, so we built bigger bombers, they build a ship, so we built 3; escalation, escalation, escalation leading to almost the end of everything (See Cuban Missile Crisis); one side blinked.

Sure seem similar to our “War on Drugs” Vs “The Police”… one side gets AKs, the other gets Barret’s, one gets Fully Auto’s, the other Dillon Mini’s… and all the while us normal citizens are fucked! All because of Harry Anslinger and his hard-on for Pot.


Wow, you’re an idiot. So, because someone chose a job which puts them in danger, they are expected to die on duty?
I fully agree that there are some bad apples, BUT, the number of good cops greatly outweighs the bad ones… but the good ones never make the news as that’s not a ratings generator.

In my area, I cannot even count how many times LEOs have gone on search and rescue missions looking for hikers,skiers etc.
At least in my agency, we bitch every day about certain agencies blatantly disobey the 4th amendment.

The only thing I can say about showing up in force to certain violent situations, is, the mere appearance of force GREATLY reduces the chance of a violent attack on the responding officers.