Buick T-Type


Thanks, i didnt shoot the entire car yet, just some of the small parts. Im really hapy with how the header panel turned out, just hope i can get the dust out.

Hopefully this weekend i can spray the car.


Shes all painted. Wfinished at like 4am last night.







looks good. let the wet sanding fun begin


Haha thanks, i wish it came out cleaner, theres probably 100 bugs that landed in the paint in between coats.


Looks sweet




looks great John, now you just need something beastly under the hood



I got classic ecoboost lol


Getting rid of the hot air? or keeping it?


Keeping it hot air unless it kabooms. Hope to run e85 and a bigger turbo once the time comes.


Hell yes :tup:


I cant wait to put it back together, gonna like nice, black and chrome.


So far i cut and buffed the trunk which took forever! I wet sanded with 1500 and 2000 by hand, i didnt want to fuck anything up so i figured id do it by hand, but it seems like if i do the entire car this way it will be another month before i drive it!

I buffed/polished with an orange foam pad using wizards mysitc cut, then final cut, then used the foam pad with final cut again.

I used a micro fiber cloth to wipe it down after but i cant tell im im seeing streaks or scratches, or maybe its normal because black shows everything? Actually i dont think i got all the shit off when i wiped it as well but im pooped.



I dont know how im going to do the roof, such a larger areas thats higher and a further reach.


And heres the grandpa car

I think the car looks better with the wheel well trim off, so i might take them off soon. Besides the ugly rims, but now after its mayden voyage i need to chase a possible problem with the flexplate being possibly cracked… Or could be much worse.

Also my windshield mouldings/trim are not on yet because i might need to paint them


Looks nice man. Definitely lose the chrome, and paint the bumper maybe too. Paint looks nice


Thanks. The bumpers are in good shape so i dont want to ruin them by painting them. Theres always fiberglass bumpers i could do.

The headlights have overspray on them from previous owner, so i need to clean them still


Those look like buffer trails on your trunk. From my experience it could be a few things - you’re not breaking down and working your cut long enough, or your finish step is not abrasive enough to repair what you’re leaving from the cut step in which case you need to add another step between them.


Yeah, im actually going to f8nish sand and buff later in the year, i need to just drive the car.


^ +1 to bumpers

dip the wheels black to see what they’d look like? I think they fit the 80s theme well


I’ve thought about it, i dont know ifit would help much lol

Its so 80s lol