When: Saturday, June 18 2005. 5:00 p.m.
Where: Hawrelak Park main parking lot
Who: All car clubs from the area

In an effort to get to know the different clubs in the area, the NECC will be hosting the first ever Club Invite Barbeque.

All car club members are invited for an evening in Hawrelak to represent their club, hang out, eat some food and enjoy what the park has to offer.

Bring frisbees, footballs and everything you need to have a great time outside.

NECC will meet at Hawrelak at 4:45 to get organized.

There are wood BBQs available at the park, but we will probably have a propane one, and it is recommended that each member bring food. We will have some food available, but not enough to feed the entire group so if each club could be responsible for their food it would be excellent.

After the BBQ winds down we will all cruise to UC and go from there.

what time should the other clubs be alerted to begin showing up? 5:30?

5pm is fine. We shouldnt need long to set up.

what if your not part of a club are we still invited?

Yep you sure are!

I’m also inviting some potential sponsors out to the BBQ!! They may make it out!!

Yup, it’s a free-for-all. Everyone is welcome to come. Just remember, we are only bringing one BBQ, and everyone brings what they wish to eat. So if more bbq’s are needed, feel free to arrange to bring a little guy along.

Should be good times.

sounds fun ill be there for sure :partyman:

I’ve been getting some great feedback. I also sent out a press release to a few places to get the word out. Sounds like there are going to be lots of car/bikes.

A potluck would be a good idea… make up a big list, and divide it into sections. Each club takes a section and brings the food.

Also, maybe each club can chip in some cash to buy a load of burgers and buns, etc…

Just tossing some ideas around. It would bring the clubs together better if there was a “sharing” theme like that going on.

Another idea, maybe the sponsors can bring a little more food than the average joe. They can write it off as a business expense :stuck_out_tongue: Advertising/marketing to potential clients, right?

So who is all going? BBQ is this Saturday!

I’m going… I can never pass up a BBQ :slight_smile:

  • Mike

i should most likely be there!

I’m so mad that I can’t be there. Damn me and my caring heart! :oops:

I will be at a wedding.

I was informed today that a friend of mine is going to a car show on June 18th at the Hawrelak park. Its the 50’s & 60’s car show. It’s supposed to be around 1-5pm. I wonder if this will interfere with our BBQ!!

Haha, I forgot all about that show. Shit, I even did a preview article for it for the paper.

Yeah, the 18th might not be the best day to have this BBQ guys. Hawrelak is going to be PACKED for the hot rod show.

Oh oh. Their show is 1-5pm? Hmmmm, ours starts of 5pm. Maybe the majority of them will be leaving by then? Damn. I don’t think its the greatest idea to email back all the clubs and tell them its cancelled.

I still think we should roll in there. lol. We’ll just take up the far lots.

Yeah its all still going ahead as planned. I have confirmed attendance with quite a few clubs already.