Car wants to turn right on own?

This has been an irritation I’ve had about my car since I’ve gotten it.

If I take my hands off the wheel, the steering wheel turns to the right some, and the car turns as well.

But if I hold the wheel straight, the car goes straight. The tires have no abnormal wear, and there is no vibrations at all.

The car has been thru alignments which seemed to solve the issue for a week, but then it went right back to the way it was.

It’s a pain in the ass though because I do have the put some amount of effort in consistently to hold the wheel straight.

What coulkd be causing this?

Tire pressure is uneven or low.

Also if you are running a low profile tire, they tend to track to the road, so highways and such that are slightly banked for draining will cause the car to slighty track.

I would say you probably have a leaky front tire. The alignment shop probably filled your tire pressure to spec and it deflated a bit since.

One of your brakes could be hanging up just a little bit… this would also cause the car to wander… If it’s pulling to the right, its gonna be a right side caliper that is hanging up on you…

I’ve been told that off-caster can cause a pull to one side as well… but with my suspension knowledge this makes no sense to me if your going in a straight line…

Start with tire pressure… then check to see if yur brakes are hanging up… this you can check by taking a casual stroll around the neighborhood… come home, and put yur hand near the rotors… if one is a whole lot hotter then the rest, thats yur culpurit.

Eh, it has done this consistently even when I know all tire pressures are equal.

And I know it isn’t the tire tracking either.

The bushings in your suspension could be sagging or completley ripped. Do you hear a loud clunking when you go over bumps?

No clunking persey, but it does make a little bit of noise going over smaller bumps.

Might as well check your camber kits in the front too (if you have them), they wear out as well. Mine were shot to shit when I took them off, and they probably have some effect on how the car tracks since if they are unable to hold their settings (bushings fail) then your alignment never stays the same. Every bump will slightly change it

^^Also a very good point. :tup: But, the little noise you hear is most likeley a worn control arm bushing. Have yours been replaced? if not check them, and do a shake test on the wheel to make sure your bearings and tie rods are nice and tight. Genrally with the tire in the air, grab it and shake it left to right to check steering parts, and up and down for the bearing. There should be almost no movment if everything is in good shape.

Wheel bearings are all good and there is no play in the wheels.

Between this and that fucking motor noise from 1.5-2.5k, I’m getting frustrated.