car wont start!

Hi guys,

I’ve tried just about everything to get my car started and can’t get it to go.

When i crank it over it just woint start, but when i turn the ignition off, its like it almost wants to start when i turn the key off?

Any suggestions on whats going on?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

provided that your starter is cranking… and fuel pump is working… sounds to me that yur not getting a clean spark… try checkin yur distibuter cap(and rotor), spark plugs and wires… replacing these parts should get the car up and running again.

good luck!

allow me to expand on that last post… I re-read it and it seemed vague to me at least… when I mentioned “check the distibuter cap and rotor” I mean removing the cap, sand down any corrosion or film that may have built up… but really just replace it, because chances are that moisture is getting in it… let me guess, it didn’t start in the morning after a moist night? if so… it may happen again… so really start with the distributer cap and rotor.