Could REALLY use some help with me KA24DE

KK here is the problem. I cunverted my KA24E to a KA24DE in the last 2 months. Right from the start I have had this fuel preblem where it was dumping fuel like crazy. I am talking like 100km to a tank thats it. I had the rong MAF on at one point but have just changed that. Put new o rings on the injectors, Changed the fuel presher Reg. But IT is STILL bumping fuel like crazy. I am getting spark but even if I wasnt it would not count for the fuel loss. The back two plugs when I took them out I looked down with a flash light and there was a lot of fuel sitting in the silinder still and of corse the plugs where crazy wet. The 2nd plg was great not wet at all. nice and dry. The first plug was a little wet but no feul sitting in the silinder. Can any one plz point me in the right direction. I need this fixed like 2 weeks ago. Cheers

maybe try o2 sensor?

what ECU are you using for the DE?

And yes I am using the KA24DE ECU so thats not it. Fuel is being dumped so bad that it is even leeking out if my exhaust manifold.

replace the regulator(check the vaccum to it lines as well) and check the flow on the injectors, some might be stuck open

stock injectors in it?