Did everyone's insurance go up?

I have a brokerage do mine and I think they’re yanking my dick.

I haven’t had a ticket or a claim on my insurance in ten years.

My Hagerty policy dropped 80$ since last year.

I figured by Home and regular auto would too. Nope. Up 50$ a piece.

Not a significant amount but annoying enough for me to look elsewhere.

My premium should be lower every year cause I’m a good boi!!!

My home insure has went up year over year. Started at 299$/yr now at 750$. Time frame was 2017 to now.

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Appreciate the input. If everyone else’s has gone up I’m not going to bother going through the hassle of getting a new agent.

inflation. as the price of everything goes up the price of insuring everything has to go up with it.

i could go on about this at length but probably only suitable to do so in person. trust me, you guys are lucky with all of the vast selection of insurers and brokers in the US.

we have a a highly consolidated insurance industry up here with very low or no competition in many key sectors.

rates have more than tripled for many lines of business up here.

my brother’s policy on his bar has gone up by 5x in 3 years with no claims. that’s just an example.

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Everyone’s insurance is going up across the board. Auto rates are through the roof due to the cost of an accident, which have many factors…cost of parts, delay in availability of parts resulting in longer use of rental cars, frequency of auto accidents are up do to distracting driving.

For Home insurance, the cost of materials is a large factor. The cost to replace a home now is much higher than when you first wrote your policy, so carriers are trying to raise limits on policies to account for that at the time of a loss.

Wildfires out west have decimated the property market, now with a large hurricane in Florida, I don’t expect that will help things either.

People don’t realize that alot of what happens down at the consumer level is actually dictated by the reinsurance market, which is what most carriers are using to insure their customers. This reinsurance market is affected by national & global factors and that’s what drives carrier decisions.


i think you meant to say the ‘arsons’ out west :slight_smile:

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Alrite fellas I appreciate the inputs. I’m just going to pay the bill. I’ll keep an eye on next year again.

Could look to raise your deductible and see if it’s worth the savings. Most companies are looking for $500 min on auto comp/coll, $1k on home these days.

Make sure your home & auto policies are with same carrier for multi policy discount and take a defensive driver class to reduce your auto premium for 3 years.

Best of luck!

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The insurance on my Z06 went from $576 for 6 months to $593 for this upcoming renewal so about a 3% increase. This is through progressive.

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fucking bullshit!! oh well

Enclave was $471, Audi was $624 with Progressive. Total went up $30 since my last statement. It’s high but I’ve shopped around and didn’t find much better. Carrying a lot more than minimum coverage too. My boat policy went down $296 to $277 but that’s a yearly and was last paid in April, expecting it will go back up next April.

those are annual premiums? i pay $330/mth for my M2C up here

I pay $168 a month for the Jetta, Tiguan and Miata, full coverage on all. I was going to go to Hagerty on the Miata but I ended up sticking with Progressive since it was cheaper to bundle all three and add homeowners insurance.

$1200 yearly on my grand sport, grand marquis, viper and sebring vert. Then $2000 yearly on my wife’s silverado.

208/month here. C6Z, 2020 m235i and 19 equinox 2.0

Those are 6 month premiums.

Off topic/on topic, just called to check about my homeowners insurance through progressive…it goes up $100 starting next month (renewal). Cost of materials, labor and everything caused the primary dwelling replacement cost to skyrocket this year I guess.

I was going to add a rider to my insurance to cover sewage/water lines (Town of Tonawanda clay pipes are at life’s end) and it would be about $100 a year add on for $10k coverage with my $500 deductible, but honestly for $180 a year I can get HomeServe coverage and then I can also have up to two maintenance visits if need be (clogged sewer line due to roots).

I really need to sit down and look at what I’m spending in comparison to other providers, I don’t ever shop around because it’s a pain in the ass and takes time that I don’t have to call and inquire. I wish it was easier.

Thanks to you I just added 20,000$ sewage line coverage for $60

I can’t believe I’ve been living in a house for ten years without this coverage

guy at my work just repaired his for 18 grand out of pocket

I owe @Motocrossx23 a beer


Hell yeah! Who do you have homeowner’s insurance through? $60 for $20k is a great deal


So how does that sewer line coverage work? Like I have to get my line snaked every 2-3 years because it’s clay pipe that is failing and roots constantly get in there. Could I add that coverage and wait until the next time it’s clogged and then have a plumber say, “Yep, it’s a bunch of roots, the clay pipe has failed, need to replace it” and get insurance to cover it?

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