Dkid15's K24 OEM Vtec killer EP3


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So im in the same boat as many of you. I dont have much money to spend on my car and i want to go fast but still be reliable. I didnt think that was possible until i saw a new way of utilizing the non vtec exhaust rockers of “economy vtec” engines. My goals for this build are to use as many oem parts as possible. I believe everything internally will be oem except for ARP head studs. Anyway heres my build and i hope it can be a guideline for many of you. If you have kpro and wanted to do this to your ep3 it can be done for under 250dollars. I will take plenty of pics and videos as this build progresses. I wasnt going to post this up but its almost done. I just need some time and bearings from honda. Im not going to give any estimates but a stock compression k24a4 running a2 cams put down 234whp and 180wtq and went 13.1 on street tires. Anyway hope you guys enjoy the build as much as i am. Ill post alot up over thanksgiving break, i have so much work for school right now so i might not be able to answer all your questions about the setup.

Plans for the build
k24a4 block (already have)
k20a2 oil pump (already have modified)
k20a2 pan ( already have)
K24a1 head(RECIEVED 10/31)
k20a2 vlavetrain ( have)
crv exhaust rockers ( recieved)
k20a2 cams and gears ( recieved )
type-r baffle (already have)
Tsx pistons(RECIEVED 10/31)
Crv mount (have)
oem rings (RECIEVED 10/31)
oem bearings ( have)
oem head gasket ( have)
PRB intake manifold to start with ( already have) Maybe a ported RBB or just an RBC
Modified 270cc ep3 injectors sent out to Injector rehab for cleaning and flowing
New clutch?
Kpro (have)
New Honda valve stem seals (recieved)
3 inch CAI/VStack/KN filter (have)
Tune from mike @elite tuning most likely.
Ill probably upgrade my shitty obx header to the kiddracing setup as well out to 2.5 inch piping and an obx twinloop.

Few teaser pics:

These puppies make it wall work along with my A2 cams

The heart of a champion

Already modified and ready to go. Thanks LKSI

TSX pistons ready to give me a bump in compression

I took the liberty of removing those bullshit k24a1 cams and rocker assembly already :slight_smile:

And finally the beast

this car and killer shouldnt be in the same line, you gay beat by the kramers gay parade mobile.

cant wait to witness the assembly of this POS and possibly call stallmer over to spin yo’ bearings real quick

lolololololol play nice, david. spring '10 the ep3 will be faster and the mr2 will be slower. no moar fun battlez.

yea this may need the 6speg bearing mod

I said killer due to the cams. Not because the car is killer.

should of charged you extra for the oil pump since it was modified by lance haha

Its got frivilous hair precision lol. I put it on the other night and its beautiful. Half the people who read this thread arent going to understand the setup.

haha… he did a good job on it, he seriously probably had to go at the thing 15-20 times, constantly checking to see if it was good or not. Then I just bought the s2k pump, he was riled.


Nice build thread you have there. Should be fun once you get it done. You might be able to get away with the 310cc injectors but might want to think about upgrading in the future

isnt this the car that got beat with 3 ppl were in marks stock si?
Then i come flying by in the m3 :rofl

Looks good none the less. I never knew there was such a difference fro different SI motors. Looks like its finally time to step up my Honda knowledge.

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I am included in this 50%. Care to elaborate for me? :thumbup


Im in that 50% also.

13.1 @ how fast???

Well since the ECONOMY vtec motors k20a3/k24a1/k24a4 only ride one lobe on the exhaust side. So basically im running exhaust rockers on both sides of the head. Now that ive switched to an ivtec cam you run on the vtec lobe all the time. hence the term vtec killer setup. This all using oem parts. Its relatively new and very reliable.

13.1 @ 105. The owner has since ran slicks and managed a 12.8 @106. Ill have a nice bump in compression over him also. Im not too concerned about the 1/4 mile though.

essentially he’ll “be in vtec” all the time, on a 2.4 block instead of the 2.0 that came in his Si and RSX’s. this’ll make a pretty nice tq bump, too.

should be a nice auto x power curve and still pull mid 100’s in the 1/4 mile, and on a very small budget, too (all OEM parts)

Want me to hook you up with some dope bearing modz?

105 is movin nice

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