I would probably recommend the Dromida ominus for a beginner. It’s extremly durable, fast and it’s only $70 ready to fly. You can buy it local at fields and they carry all replacement parts. If you want just indoor you can’t beat the blade nano.


14 pound cat size comparison



I was at Fields today getting a spare part for a micro heli, and saw the Ominus. The guy had one set up. It seemed really nice for the price.


Any other suggestions before I pull the trigger on the Storm racing drone and all the FPV stuff


Nothing beats DJI. Friend who does photography picked up the Phantom 3 which has a sick range of like a mile and also a beginner mode that limits it for new pilots. Love the thing. GPS to return home. It is sick.


for all go pro people (other then the gopro drone that is set to be released next year) 3dr solo looks promising with some really cool camera features

<a data-cke-saved-href=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfN9lTp8ma0” href=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfN9lTp8ma0”>


It’s funny to see these things listed under “toys” on sites like Amazon! What would be a good drone with decent range to use for surveying a mobile home park on about 40 acres of land? f


depends on the application, but DJI is not the best for everything.


good read for any dji fan boys


links into the 3dr link i posted above

Not sure if I have mentioned it here but the engineering applications for these are really exciting, especially when combined with really impressive photogrammetry tech capturing existing conditions will really begin to change with companies like Pix4d and autodesk pushing Recap360

I have personal experience with pix4d and it is really impressive


My interest in the DJI is low because I want something that is fast and does FPV well


This is pretty cool



Pay $720 now for something that doesn’t ship till May 2016 :slight_smile:

I have played this game before


I just ordered (well pre-ordered should be shipping within the next two weeks) a blade chroma with the 4k camera/3axis. got a carrying case (it breaks down nicely) extra batteries, faster charger, extra props, prop guards, a few 64g ultrafast mem cards… I’m not really into having a fast drone, just something for the cool factor to film off the ground. I like the follow me feature, the land by itself feature, how I don’t need a phone/tablet to fly it. touchscreen controller…


not bashing your choice by any means but why that over the new phantom 3? shoots 4k and is a much bigger “name” has all the features you listed and then some

granted what you get with that big name is some what debatable. I hear terrible things about customer service but it does give you some confidence in firmware updates etc.


no butthurt here… I didn’t really look at the phantom 3. I flew a chroma and liked it. I liked the 30 minutes runtime (p3 is 23). I like the landing gear is larger than the phantom, more motor than the phantom, same weight as the phantom… the chroma breaks down and has a nice carry case to hold everything for if I travel. big name (horizon) supplier for parts and upgrades, don’t need a phone/ipad to fly it.

with these kinda toys and the technology they have you can never have the perfect one, because in a few months a better one comes out…

I kind of jumped in blind and went with the first brand I got to test/fly. the phantom does have a lot of cool stuff too it seems. maybe i’ll pick one of them up and keep the one I like better. lol
the phantom controller looks like some kinda apple device.


Very cool I’m not sure how they “benchmark” these motors etc as a lot of it is dependent of a bunch of other stuff (i know there have been a few versions of motors in the phantom2 alone, some things carry over from the p3 some dont

after all the money i have into my phantom2 i should have just saved up for a inspire 1 which i hopefully will have here in the next few months

These things are really fun i could see myself building one in the next year, modding and adding onto them is a bit addicting


just the kv rating of the motors,
chroma has larger motors, less voltage 3s, less mah 2.8 pounds 30 min runtime
p3 has smaller motors, MORE voltage 4s, more mah, 2.8 pounds 23 min runtime.
while 7 mins might not seem like a lot… I can remember charging nicads on a 45 minute tick-tick dial charger for maybe 4-5 minutes of runtime total. lol

I just bought this as a something to have… ive never been into planes or copters but a quadcopter seems almost idiot proof.

kinda want to see how it does the follow me mode while I do doughnuts around it…


Interested to see how it does, keep us posted :tup:


chroma looks good, horizon has some of the best customer service so i wouldn’t worry too much about any issues, they’ve replaced heli’s for me outright and sent me parts many times. they are good to their customers

I picked up a blade glimpse recently to mess around with fpv, its fun, but i enjoy flying by sight a lot more, maybe i’m just used to it with flying heli’s so much


My interest in you is low. Lol

Be a real man.



read somewhere this guy is getting in all kinds of crap for building this lol