Dunnville's Out For 2010; What's Next? [Edenvale Updates Post 71]

Well we gave it a solid effort. The petition and support from the automotive community shed light on the situation and helped elevate the discussion to the right levels. But despite a good amount of proposed compromise, the local group that formed the major opposition to the track won’t agree to anything.

In the end we’ve figured out what all this was really about; not noise and perceived danger, but simply that they don’t want anything in their town.

If you want to read the back story for those that don’t know what’s going on, Click HERE. I’m not going to elaborate on all the details / politics over again.

So what’s next?

A few things are in the works. One thing that we can “declassify” right now is the start of a small track in Edenvale, Ontario:



It’s a tad shorter than Dunnville (2.2km vs. 2.05km) but it’s much further away for us in NY - 3 hours away actually. That said, we realize that some people won’t be interested. So we’re going to offer track time at a discounted rate just to initially get some people out there - we haven’t sorted out a price yet, but think in the $50 range for a day.

We won’t be having a track day here until late June since it still needs some paving work, but we should start to think about what day we’d want. So if you’re interested in going, post up and suggest a date in late June. Whatever works for you guys, just keep into account that some people might want to spend the night out there due to the length of the drive.


  1. Same “relaxed” atmosphere as Dunnville
  2. Low cost
  3. Grassy run-off and room for error
  4. Track allows bikes. Yes, I SAID BIKES.*
  5. Drifting allowed


  1. Distance / drive time
  2. Slightly shorter track
  3. Some people might want to stay the night after a long day
  • If enough Bike guys here are interested, we should be able to fit some time in for you. :tup:

Same with Dunnville, Edenvale isn’t a serious track like Watkins Glen or Beaverun. But it’s going to be good for those who are not serious racers and just want to get out there and kick around their car a bit.

The track is actually close to Wasaga Beach (think Crystal Beach) and Collingwood (Blue Mountain Resort area) so there will be some good places to stay the night if people are interested. Maybe rent a beach house for a weekend?

So let me know what you think. Like I said, this is just one thing that we’re working on. But we need to know if anyone is interested in making a 3 hour drive for a discounted track day.

if you do it… make it a weekend event and sort out cheap hotel rooms…

it could be a good value.

IN! I will save my spare set of wheels/tires for some drifto too haha

I’m in

Too bad about Dunnville :tdown: Its going to be a haul no matter where one goes now.

im in for sure. although the longer drive sucks but its better than a $350 track day at the Glen. im anxious to try out that long stretch on that course

and why is this in the tech section? nobody will look for it here

Woops, my bad. Thread moved. :ham:

I think weekends would be ideal. We never really had track days during the week before.

what about toronto motorsports park?

Not going to happen;

I just like the idea of a “relaxed” atmosphere. Last time I was out with a Porsche and Ferrari club the FGGTS cried about everything. EVERYTHING!

I really just want to be able to run some laps then if I don’t blow up lay down some SIQQQQQQQQ tire abuse before we leave. DOPE

I Agree, it gives a lot of people who aren’t mpd or bing a chance to take their car around a track at a speed/intensity they’re comfortable with

Sounds cool for a weekend

Werd^ travel early Saturday AM on the track all day. Relax with some beer/food/friends in the evening. Travel home Sunday AM. OR leave Friday night, stay over, get up early and get on the track, leave late afternoon.

I Like it. :tup: to heaters allowed

How dumb. If I were a politician, I would be in full favor of local auto tracks just to help keep that shit off the streets.

I would be down for this. Making a weekend out of it sounds like the way to go.

In. Provided that my car is drivable, and price is $50 bucks.

Am I still banned :lol:

here we go…lol

I almost hate to bring it up again, but if we’re going to drive three hours, why not Nelson Ledges?

Let Joe run the TBSS I want to see if he can hurt peoples feelings haha or maybe get his feelings hurt. It would be sweet.