fuck the police thats how i treatem

Driving from my buddies house (5 seconds from where i got pulled over) im puttin on my seat belt at a stop sign, two bike cops (pedal bike) roll up and say i wasnt wearing a seatbelt, i told him that i just left my buddies house and i was in the car in 5 seconds, he says doesnt matter it was a failure to wear a complete seat belt. Goes on to look around the car and says that hes gving me a ticket for no front license plate, comes back to the window says he sees shake on the ground of the car asks me if i got weed, guns er liquor keeps askin me i say no none of that, fucks off fer 10 minutes comes back with failure to wear complete seatbelt assembly (bc it was half on???) gives me a $120 ticket, warning bout the plate and gives me some bullshit lecture.

Shitty eh, i just got my car back on the road prolly have less then $100 to my name and i got a $120 ticket, fuck’em

LOL @ how its not your fault you werent wearing your belt. How many times do you think they have heard that excuse before?

i was 5 seconds down the road g, just got in the car, it was half on it was a bullshit ticket

I was 5 seconds too late at pulling out so its not my fault shes pregnant

least you can get an abortion at that point haha

FACT 1: you drove on a road while not wearing your seatbelt.
FACT 2: not wearing your seatbelt is against the law.

As far as traffic laws go, you are guilty… sorry bud

Fight it, they’ll drop it.

They were just doing their job. 5 seconds, 1 second, doesn’t matter. You could’ve been wearing your seatbelt for 5 hours non stop and happen to remove it for a second and you still would’ve gotten the ticket.

Your fault buddy.


k you are a fucking moron to stop for a cop on a bike if you were in a 240 you could have booked it hard core i do it all the time at the runs and thats from cop cars. WHO THE FUCK PULLS OVER FOR BIKE COPS

I was only doing 240km/h on the 407 for 5 seconds
I only broke into that house for 5 seconds
I only raped that chick for 5 seconds

…I can go on for days…


i get the poiunt, i know i did it, i knew it before u guys said it and the prolly 50 more who are gunna im ust sayin its shit

Apparently not. :lol:

i coulda booked it, but i like drivin gmy car and not bein in jail and havin a couple g’s in tickets, ill take the 110, thanks fer ocmin out

By the way, I don’t know why you’re really complaining too. Did they not let you off in regards to the no front license plate with just a warning? Or did I read incorrectly?

but the coke was only half way up my nose

Bahaha - fuck you Marky

They were on bicycles… need I say more?

Jesus christ this thread makes my brain hurt. Thank you for those who try to provide some mature and responsible knowledge upon these idiots.

Ya just go fight it. Where were you when this happened?