General Meeting of the Membership - September 26

There will be a General Meeting of the NECC held the evening of September 26th in Edmonton.

More details will be posted at the end of August but if you are interested in stepping up to help the NECC or are a member and want to attend to get more information on club operations, please mark this on your calendars and plan to attend. We are giving you PLENTY of notice.

The agenda will look something like this:

-Call to Order
-Establish voting delegates (only members may vote) and determine what consititues a majority vote (what number we need to pass a resolution)
-Overview of parliamentary procedure for those not familiar with it (so the meeting actually runs properly)
-Agenda review and additions or deletions
-Reports (e.g.,. Financial, membership status, etc.)
-Voting on any changes to the Bylaws
-Adding, deleting, or changing policies
-Nominations and Elections for Board positions

The meeting should take approximately 2 hours depending on your questions and the detail to which you want them answered; it could be more, it could be less.

Following this General Meeting there will be a meeting of the new Board for approximately 1 hour. This is the opportunity for the new Board to establish dates for the future and receive an orientation.

This meeting will be run according to the NECC bylaws, the expectations of Alberta Corporate Registries, and parliamentary procedure (as all non-profit corporations’ meetings are expected to be run).


Currently there are 30 views of this thread about the General Meeting which is being held to answer the concerns of all the guys that have had issues with the leadership of the NECC.

Where are you now? Let’s see some commitment from you to attend this critical club event. It isn’t as fun as a cruise but extremely important.

i will be there

as critical as it is, i’m working during that week. . .can you guys pm me the topics discussed?

I am interested in joining the club. I will be there :smiley:

I’ll be there…

I’ll be there…

I don’t see why I couldn’t make it to this.

im on call, but if i dont have to go out of town i can make it

what time and where will the meet be held

I can’t make it, but I’ve got 100% confidence that the guys who’ve been running the club will run a great meeting and address the issues that need to be addressed.


Hi I am new to the forum and I would like to join the club. I was just wondering if somebody could tell me where the general meet will be held and at what time it starts at.


my car is running ill be there to get my member ship and for the drive around town

so is this meeting still a go?

Any more details as to time/location? I would like to attend (if I’m not back in Russia by then).

i might be working but a time and place would be great

The meeting is a go. We’re just trying to confirm a location that is somewhat central and will let us rent a room after business hours. It’s hard to find. If you have any ideas though, shoot me a PM.

i’ll be there for sure

I am still trying to find a room but you can all put into your schedules 6:30 - 8:30 for the meeting times.

i thought i posted in this thread somewhere?

i’ll be out hopefully meeting most of you.