Help/Advice Needed...busted lug nut

So yesterday I decide to change my oil and rotate my tires, no big deal right? Not with my cursed luck. I managed to shatter the locking lug on one of my wheels (of course the one that gives me good access to my oil filter) and now I can’t get it off. We tried locking lug removal tools and roundes bolt/nut removal tools but there isn’t enough left on to get a good bite of. If anyone has any ideas on how to get this off, or knows of a place I could take it…I would be most grateful…

would you trust that half nut (along with the other three healthy ones) to hold your wheel on for a short drive? If so, drive carefully to an autoparts store and buy replacement nuts there. Then chisel the rest of that POS off your lug when you get home.

BTW: that’s a sign that you tightened it way too much. If you have a torque wrench, lugnuts should be at about 100 pounds of pressure

I’d recomend to get it off use a small chizzel, or a small drill bit and cut the nut on both sides of the bolt so you can dig it out, it will probalby take awhile…

it will take a while either way. a guy on another board I post at said a center punch would probably work a lot better than the chisel.

Before you try to remove it put the other ones on tight first, this will releave a bit of the pressure to the one that is stuck. Then try the chisel thing. Usually I’d say pound an old socker around it, but it doensn’t look like you have room to with those wheels.


Good advice to tighten the others, I hadn’t thought of that.

If the broken lug isn’t totally tight, I would try a slotted screwdriver and hammer, slowly pounding it loose, that’s if there’s a lot left, if it’s real thin, the chisel should work.

Nice job on that too… :tup: I snapped a lug stud myself a week ago.

take a dremel with a real thin grinding bit and use it to drill 2 a slots in the lug nut, one on either side … then simply use a screwdriver to pry inside the slot

the closer u get to the wheel stud, the easier the lugnut will break of

if u get to close to the stud and damage it a lil, just use a stock acorn nut as a thread cleaner, run it on and of a few times, best done with an impact gun

car insurance > lock lugs

wheel locks suck… i need to find something better for my rims because i keep on ruining them

like everone else was saying, if theres enough left on it… get a screwdriver or something and a hammer and try to turn it that way

Actually 100 ft.lbs is on the high side of lugnut torque. Both of my cars specify between 80-85.

Every manufacturer/model has different torque specs on lugs. Best bet is to look it up. I have a chart that came w/ my set of torque sticks that covers pretty much everything out there. It can be from 65ft/lbs on up to 160 ft/lbs for most vehicles. Worse comes to worse you can pound the stud through the lug, but that would be a last resort.