Help w/ Fuel Lines

Anyways, My fuel lines got eatin right through already with the 100 oct jump. I have a fuel cell, but no pump, level gauge, or SS hoses yet. That adds up to about 350+ dollars which i dont wanna jump into at this time. My question is, since i will always be running 100 octane, nothing lower, can i replace the original lines with brand new OEM ones, or should i get SS lines? Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks!


I don’t see why the 100 octane would eat through OEM lines. I would go for SS if yur running high fuel pressures, that’s the only practical reason behind the SS lines. SS lines are still rubber inside, they just won’t blow out under pressure.

nope my fuel pressure is right around 4-5 psi, so its not because of that. Ive gotten other answers in different forums about how it has happened to their fuel lines as well. I should have been a lil more specific in explaining that the car is 18yo and a buffalo car its whole life running on 87 octane. I think i just might get the SS lines, everyone is telling me too? i dunno yet

With it being 18 years old, and being a buffalo car, I would think it was only a coincidence you started running 100 octane when the lines rusted out.

I would think it could have happened just the same if you continued running 87 in the car.

IMO, a SS line would be great if you plan to drive the car in winter, or shortly after winter (exposure to salt).

If not, I don’t see why an OEM line would be a problem, providing it can handle the pressure of your new pump.

he is running under 10psi of fuel pressure. pressure is not an issue. shrives dont get braided SS lines. get new unbent line and bend it yourself. it is pretty cheap.

braided line is baller :slight_smile:

If he goes over 10psi, would he have to then, consider SS lines?

Alos, would driving conditions play a part in the lines he chooses? Like I suggested, SS for winter, or early spring driving, and OEM lines for any other time.

Also, if he plans to upgrade his pump in the future, would it be smarter to run a higher psi line now, opposed to running OEM now, then replacing it all a short time later?

no matter what pump he picks, i dont think it will ever go over 10psi.

Then what dictates fuel pressure?

he doesnt need a high pressure pump. he isnt fuel injected.

yea ill prolly just bend some lines then, probably alot cheaper than going threw the dealer. money is an issue right now, or id deff get ss, i dont wanna get ss unless its necessary

oh and newman i found out my vaccuum problems…