How easy is it/Restraining order?????

Is it easy to get a restraining order of some sort put against somone?

Summerized story: Guy.Girl. Guy obsessed with Girl.Girl tells Guy to back off. Guy freaks out. Guy starts calling non stop text messages non stop- along the lines of :U will see howmuch i hate lairs. Just wait…ur misfortune is on its way. U WILL learn u cant fuck with people like you did me…heartless bitch…etc etc.

Now it’s not just sometimes. It’s almost 24 hours a day [for the past week+] whether it’s on the computer or phone. Sounds gay and petty. I know. But if ya knew the whole story you’d understand. This guy is seriously nuts.

So will the cops just laugh at me if I try and do anything about the harrassment? Because honestly it’s to the point that I am genuinely frightened…and it takes alot for me to be scared of others, no matter how out there…but now…yeah. He knows where i live. He knows where I go to school. He knows my school schedule. …granted he’d never get in the building…but Im still a bit worried…Anybody know anything? Or how I should go about this?


its harassment, it shouldnt be that hard to get

Shouldnt be too difficult. The main thing is that you have to tell the cops that you feel threatened, and specifically tell them what hes been doing. SAVE those text messages too.

I have a friend who went through this, and she actually ended up getting it done through her school counselor at the time. But she basically said what the guy was doing, how he was harrassing her, wouldnt leave her alone, following her around, all kinds of creepy shit.

Sorry to hear about you troubles, is this that older guy you were recently seeing?

keep a load of the text messages and stuff and youll have to file a police report, but as i understand it its not that hard, just takes a few trips to the police department

after its filed, carry a disposable camera thats always ready to go, that way if he shows up in front of your house, or stalking you on the road all you gotta do is click it and you have proof

if he knows where u work, talk to your boss and give him the basics so he wont be surprised if anything happens and the cops have to be called / someone has to beat the dude down … that way he’ll know why your yelling “someone call the cops” from across the store or w/e

and you have security camers, find out how easy it would be to get copies of the tapes from ur boss … having extra proof is always a plus

and oh yea, figure out what u have to do to take voicemails on your cellphone and send them to your computer or something … get a cheap answering machine for home so he can incriminate himself even more too
if you have a pic of the dude, show youre coworkers what he looks like and tell them what he drives, cause even if your not at work at the times, he’s still breaking the restraining order if he shows up there, and yor coworkers can call the cops for ya

and last but not least … find a big black dude that will go beat the shit out of him and steal his wallet

wow sounds like my ex girlfriend- heartless bitch

Now he’s posting my phone numbers and personal information all over myspace. fuck myspace. but i just got like 50 emails from random people I dont even know telling me he’s doing this.
Im affraid to even look.
One guy who emailed me knows this Guy i guess…an aquaitance… even said his friends were calling and being like " uh dude you gotta do something because nobody knows this girl but we’re worried because he’s posting her phone numbers, school, and residence all over the place."
Apparently Im not the only one who knows this guy is nuts.

Nobody’s actually called me yet… So that’s a plus I guess:(

Ah and I cant find the number for the local police department and im really freakin out right now. My girl friend is really worried about me so she’s comming to pick me up now and take me to the police station first thing tomarrow. Guess i should start gathering all my evidence, eh?

And yeah…it’s the 30 something guy…ah the mistakes we make.

*where do i go about findind these big black men to protect me that everyone keeps telling me about tonight??

wow - good luck, go to the cops

okay this big black guy stuff has gotta stop - big WHITE guys are also frightening

then how about i say “realy big tall chinese guy with red hair” instead ?

that works :slight_smile:

or just say DrDos :snky:

I’ll take one big white guy,one big black guy,and one tall asian kid with red hair…ANYTHING to make this guy back off and leave me alone.

take a screen shot of the myspace page so if he takes it down you still have it. You can probably sue his ass for emotional stress and other shit for giving out your phone number and shit also…

the only thing i can picture dos doing is hiding behind a tree with a knife between his teeth, then darting out and chasing down a zebra or a gazelle …

those long legs gotta be able to get him going 65 or 70 at full speed …

your a white girl, should be easy to find them … as long as u have blonde hair

I looked for it but he took it down…that and i guess maybe 3 people and myself had reported user abuse so maybe that’s why… I dunno…

dude that knows him sent me the actual text from the page…and a message the psycho sent to this guy about me too…or it was another post on his page…well whatever here it is…

Think this’ll do ? [along with texts etc]

well hey, i havent seen or talked to this girl since last wednesday. Told me she wanted space. Just found out the truth cause she still wont answer my questions and deleted me from her profile. We were only together for 2 weeks…better to know now than 3 months from now right? Truth be told…she started school last Monday at the Art inst. in Pitt. met a guy there and kicked me to the curb. So, if your feelin pissed. wanna prank someone, or just downright fellin evil. HERES HER NUMBER…THE CELL 412-XXX-XXXX…BLOW IT UP WITH TEXTS… her mommy pays for it and will be pissed…FEELIN EVEN MORE EVIL…HERES THE HOUSE NUMBER TOO…412XXX-XXXX…LIKE I SAID…DONT FUCK WITH IRISH MAFIA…

and what he sent to dude:

just teachin the bitch a lesson on behalf of all the guys out there

read the other post “you tell me” it explains it all dude…i am good just sick of the shit…and alot of people on myspace agree and some dont…doesnt change the fact that i am still cool with real people…one of them being you…

[font=verdana][size=2]fuck her…if i ever see her out i’ll spit in her face…Boston beat down…you remember talking to me when i was with her…i was sooo happy…even you said i was in love …
oh well…move on to the next whore right?

and apparently this is the newest one…find out the biggest egotistic bitch on the planet…or simply just wanna have a little ornry fun…call 412-XXX-XXX…blow up the phone…she doesnt pay for it…her mommy does…

does anyone have a myspace account…I dont understand how to see these messages he’s leaving… im new to the MypsychoSpace thing so Im clueless… I go to his main profile page and they arent there… is there something else besides blogs that he can post stuff in?
DONT say anything to him or post anything… but if someone could help me figure this out I can PM his name on there cause I really need this evidence…perferably screenshots not just text…ugh

im bored, send it to me

I vote for the Hit Squad making an appearance to AIP to straighten this guy out… If the cops don’t help, definitly doing that!

lol irish mafia, boston beatdown…ghetto white kids for the win.
sucks that you have to go through this

Does indeed.oh sigh.

BTW… 6 more text messages in the 30mins my phone was shut off because his excessive text messaging killed my battery today…thats how bad it is…