How much has your health insurance changed?


1250 is high deductible?


yes, it’s a good high deductible, but it’s still that kind of plan.


My plans individual deductible is $1500 for each family member.

I’m interested to see how my coverage actually changes all of my benefits/HR is done by a 3rd party company and the previous max out of pocket/deductible don’t match what I currently have(pay less) vs the document of changes they just sent me.


It is from Aug 21 but holy f**king big brother, tinfoil hat warning…

Independent Health is teaming up with Tops Friendly Markets on a plan that offers an incentive to its members to eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

The carrier on Jan. 1 will launch a program for members who are employees of small businesses, or who buy individual coverage, that rewards people who buy fresh fruit for vegetables at Tops supermarkets.

For every $2 spent on this produce, Tops will credit $1 for use at a later time. Independent Health will issue the member a co-branded Tops gift card at the end of every quarter.The credits can be used to buy anything in the store except tobacco products, representatives of the two companies said today.

Members can earn up to $1,000 per family policy or $500 per single policy annually.

The nutrition benefit will be expanded to members who are employees of large companies some time in the spring, Independent Health officials said.

The program was announced this morning at a news conference in the Tops on Elmwood Avenue in North Buffalo.

— Stephen T. Watson

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So how long before it costs you more money for buying the wrong things?


Two private companies team up to offer an incentive and this scares you?

Nobody is making you get insurance from Independent Health or shop at Tops.


About a year after we go to single payer.

And considering out of the 37000 in NY that have signed up for “Obamacare” 23717 were steered into Medicaid I’d guess single payer is about 2 years away.


Yea I wanted to mention that somewhere with out it going 100% political but the vast majority of new health insurance sign ups are Medicaid and 100% subsidized this will crush all the math for it being able to “work”

The entire concept was based around a large majority signing up and paying in.


Considering the expansion of the medicaid eligibility requirements, they were expecting a pretty significant influx of medicaid enrollees. So this isn’t really out of whack from what was expected, especially in the short term.


Not based on where the money was coming from the fund the entire thing lol


Individual mandate deadline hasn’t been reached yet. Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.


This is nothing new. BCBS did this with healthy living where they sent you a re loadable VISA with money for doing readings online, filling out surveys, and charting what you eat and stuff. They paid back a max of about $500 each year.

I know my current health insurance charges you like an extra premium if you don’t keep your physicals current but with any insurance company, you perform high risk actions, you get charged more. That isn’t new for any line of insurance.


I have the BCBS POS 8100 Pkg 1. Right now I pay about $698/month, the rates for 2014 are going to be $1093/month. Lucky for me, I renew in 2013 so I will only be paying $803/month. Yay!


Mine only went up ~$100/yr for a better plan… :shrug:


Well today started open enrollment for Non-Union people here at BCBS.

Our out of pocket maximums have not changed, I am 10,000 for family HDHP plan, the copay OOP max for family is 12,500. The cost on our plans went up 6% and for the HDHP they still pay 100% of it and on the copay they still pay 90% of it so for me zero extra out of my check (sans for any HSA elections), and on the copay it is like a extra 2 bucks per month. The coverage levels on both plans are unchanged.

My deductible is still 2500 for Align Optimum Choice and 6500 for Flexible Choice (note if you have BCBS WNY expect to see this Align product start to roll out to our different groups we have contracts with).

Also they still give me 60% of the deductible in a HSA provided you do there “Good Life” program which basically tries to promote health living.


Mine went from .5% a pay check to 1%… full family coverage


Found out today that my primary physician was bought by an insurance company.


My health insurance with independent went from $40 to $44 a week and now I get free copay for my lil girl. DAMN YOU OBAMA!


south park tonight is appropriate


Got the full details today, everything the same for terms and conditions except now prescription copays count toward my deductible. THANKS OBAMA


Your employer is probably paying more, not that you care.