How much has your health insurance changed?


I think the lesson here is have no kids.

$80/month pretax and no deductible.



I’m sure you’ve noticed the same dichotomy when talking to those who are employers verses though who are employees.

The lesson here is don’t own a business with > 50 FTE’s, or work for a business with < 50 FTE’s.



Thanks OBAMA!


Why you save money on taxes



EDIT: At least not in my company’s case.


it will be interesting this time next year when the employer mandate starts to kick in. “if you like your plan, you can keep it. period.” we shall see.

when i was still working for a corporation just after the ACA passed within the next year they eliminated the “best plan” because it was going to be considered a “cadillac plan” under the new rules. people with larger families or chronic health issues were pretty pissed off about it.

the fact of the matter is that insurance companies offering insurance to employers have a minimum amount of information to work from when developing an insurance rate for a given company. they basically have age, sex and location to work from…far less than is available in the individual medically underwritten world where there is a 8 page application with medical history etc included. at least with age and sex they could make some informed decisions about the likelihood of having to cover major medical expenses such as maternity care, heart attacks, etc. with the new rules the use of age will be restricted and the use of sex will be eliminated.

a running magazine company of 51 45 year old single men will have to pay the exact same for coverage as a baby magazine company of 51 25 year old married women. one will almost certainly have no need for maternity coverage while the other almost certainly will… both will expect to pay the same for coverage even though in today’s world the cost (risk) of insuring the baby magazine company is very much higher.


My company self-funds all of their own health insurance. They only pay more if more of us get sick. Perks of having 200,000 employees I guess


Gotta do something with all those profits from washing drug money :slight_smile:


I highly doubt the cost to raise a child is less than the amount you save on taxes.


Gotta have more than 1 to get an expanding value though. Then it makes no sense to even work, just let the go-mint cover everything. LOL


That’s not entirely accurate, at least for NY, where group policies have been community rated since the early 90’s.

You can get an experienced rated plan for large groups, but that’s only really a good idea if you have a fairly large/healthy population. One premie, cancer diagnosis or stroke can screw the rating for the group.


BCBS Non-Union are self funded as well.


that’s true…i forgot that NYS was one of the handful that had introduced community ratings…which i guess proves the point i was making to begin with… take away the ability for potential risk to be factored into the equation and you end up with higher rates.


I want to get on your plan… 2 dollars to 4 dollars! :open_mouth:


ouch. zingers lol


Do you think I could get Obama to come in and explain to my employees next week why their insurance cost has gone up 50% since Obamacare passed?


They should feel better in the knowledge other people now have free health insurance :slight_smile:


Since 2003 premiums have increased 150%… not sure you are looking at the big picture of why things in the US are so expensive in hospitals making the costs so high.

You should look at the plans. Some companies and people earning up to like $43,000 can get rebates on their insurance.


There is a huge difference between taking the industry as a whole and trying to make a judgment on a company policy.


He’ll just mumble something about “fair share” I suppose. Meanwhile he’s done nothing to repatriate our money supply or bring home good/productive American jobs. I guess “shovel ready jobs” was meant to suggest we’d be digging our own graves?