How much has your health insurance changed?



2% increase for the engineering firm i work for


21.6% increase…fuck you Obama


Higher deductibles are being used to hide the increased costs…



guess im lucky then at only 2% with no deductible change

total of 6.5% increase in the past 3 years still low it seems

u guys had me really nervous


You guys with low increases, when did you renew? My renewal date is 12-1-2013.


I just realized this as well. If your renewal date is IN 2013 you’re dodging the large increases… at least until 2014. well, unless you work for a small business or are self employed, lol.


40% for next year. My broker showed me the numbers people will be paying 1-1-2014.
My broker will be paying 60% more!




Last day to renew is 12-2-2013…fuck I hope it doesn’t go up 20%+ next year…are the state employee plans going through the same thing? my gf is a teacher but hasn’t heard anything


The hikes are pretty much the same across the board, who pays for the hikes is where things differ.


40% drops :smiley:


The Premium may have dropped, but they raised the deductible significantly. That is where we are paying more. I know that my deductible went to $1,500, but my rate dropped by almost $20 per check.


Go-mint and their fuzzy math. Weeeeee


Its slightly cheaper until you use it :lol:


Mine actually isn’t too bad @ $1,500. It’s the $5-6k deductibles that are insane.


Obamacare, it’s like going to a whore house while practicing celibacy.




Makes you wonder how real those numbers are on both sides. Are NY loving ACA’s numbers really that good and are ACA hating Georgia’s numbers really that bad for example.


Clinton, the KING of fuzzy math. CPI now stands for Clinton Price Index. LOL