How much has your health insurance changed?


Another friend at a small business just said his is going up 82%!!!








Got my letter on Wednesday from Independent Health saying my current plan was being canceled because of Obamacare and I’d be moved to a new plan with new rates.

Now realize this, I wasn’t on some high deductible shit plan. $20 dr copays, Had an outpatient surgery a couple years ago that cost me $75, sleep study this year that I paid $20 for, MRI that I paid $75 for. None of that “you pay for everything until you hit $2000” co-pay nonsense either. So yeah Mr President, I really did like my plan and was looking forward to keeping it. So much for that promise.

Best part is they’ve sent me the cancellation letter but don’t have the specifics or costs of the new plans I get to pick from yet.


This makes me laugh:

This is the garbage they want people to believe, or I should say, they believed enough to allow this to happen.


80% unaffected, yeah if you ignore the fact that the rates increased dramatically 3 years in a row in anticipation of this crap.


Mine didn’t go up this year and they told us that while they didn’t have it set in stone yet, that it was looking like 2015 would be the same.

I guess you could count me in as “unaffected”.

They did tell us though, that 2016 is a complete unknown and that some changes may come then.


Is your company self insured?


You mean self funded

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Whatever. :eyeroll:


I don’t understand the question. We are a non-profit organization and the second largest employer in the state.


Self funded is where your employer pays for all cost of care. The insurance company just provides administrative services.

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I don’t know, honestly.


The only thing that went up for me was my co-pay, and quite frankly it’s fluctuated over the past 10 years, so I can’t even say it’s related to the ACA at all. I would largely say that I am either unaffected, or positively affected from this.


The wife’s plan is $325…mine will be $91 through this year then I get to join her. The real question will be onto which plan to put the baby when it shows up in april




I think some co-pays went up a bit. That’s it. Really nothing too noticeable


I think where you will see it the most is anyone who has kids. They go from a single deductible to a family, ie. $1,500 —> $4,000. I get an HSA provided that pretty much covers my deductible for the year and I can add to it tax free to set aside more money if I need it.

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It has basically become catastrophic insurance. You pay for pretty much everything until something catastrophic happens.