How much has your health insurance changed?


Well, not necessarily true. I have a $1,500 deductible. I had a few things against my deductible and needed to get 2 MRI’s done. They came out to about $1,000. I used up almost all of my deductible in just a few visits and now for the rest of the policy period, I only have to pay 20% of any services I need, including prescriptions too. My prescriptions used to have a certain deductible. Now they have been lumped into my overall deductible.

There are certain aspects of it that are nice, but it all just comes back to the fact that everything is costing more in one way or another.

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If I include the deductible, my costs have doubled in the last few years. The plan I used to buy now costs about$16,000. If I am paying entry level workers $20,000/year it is kind of tough to pay on top of it… And compete with $1.00/hour on China imports.


Have any of the people with policies from their employer looked at what it would be on the exchange? Just curious. I only see things from the self employed end and would be interested to see if it were cheaper for some to go through the exchange if it were an option.

For example my wife’s $325 plan is considered platinum and has a $500 deductible.


First wake up call of 2014: My doxycycline script went from 4$ to 275 at rite aid. Called walgreens, wegmans, walmart, all priced nearly the same. WTF, that’s generic also


Is this because it’s the first fill of the year? I know I have a $100 deductible/year for my scripts; then it goes down to the “normal” price. My guess is that’s what you’re seeing here; although that’s just a guess.


My deductible is 1200. But no last year before my deduc was met it was only 4, so a 271$ difference


Most plans have moved the prescription deductible into the overall deductible. Once you hit your deductible, it should only be 20% or so that you pay.

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We were slated for a 5% increase locally and something like 10% national, but decided to switch insurance companies. I think rates are staying flat locally, and a minor increase for the national plans, and a 2 year cap on increases.




When the wife and I had our baby in May boy did the marketplace screw that whole thing up…instead of simply adding the baby to the plan…they cancel the existing platinum plan, start a silver plan and we don’t find out until the first bill shows up…all billing goes to the first cancelled plan before we discover there is a silver plan at all…after about a month of wrangling with the marketplace and a bunch of full fee bills later they finally figure it out…of course by then the hospital had resubmitted to the silver plan that we didn’t want in the first place…it is still a huge fucking mess today.

next year…no marketplace




Was told by someone that works at a Radiology center that they’ve had a 65% decrease in MRI’s because people don’t want to pay the high deductibles.I myself have a Bronze plan through independent health,its like a 4 or 5k deductible. $250 a month through the exchange. :tdown:


I have free health insurance through my work. And they pay for my deductible. Thanks Obama.




Old thread but I’ll still contribute. 38% increase for 2014.