How'd you mount your front plate?

I’m officially sick of being harassed for no front plate…

i know with a loud somewhat flashy car, i’m begging to be pulled over anyway…but i want to take away this reason from the cops. Every time there’s a cop anywhere near me i’m getting pulled over…maybe it’s the wing, maybe it’s the exhaust, maybe it’s the lack of front plate…but they always say that it’s because of the front plate…so i’m considering mounting it.

Here’s my problem though…there’s no holes or mount at all on the front bumper for it…and, if i dont have to, i really dont want to drill holes in the bumper itself. I know i may not have a choice…but, are there any alternative solutions? Are there any special brackets or plate holders i can put the plate on, that might look better than just 2 screws in the front bumper itself?

Multiple zip ties

mine is sitting on my dash board…

with your bumper, I don’t think your going to have very many options that won’t mean you have to drill into your bumper. how were they stock?

i think he said in another thread he didn’t want to do that since it was actually the law that a plate must be held on by 2 screws.

Hide it behind your grill so it can be seen strait on.

that’s what gets me…stock, the bumper has NOWHERE to mount it…no holes or anything…

how can a car legally be sold like that? I mean…how can they sell a car in NYS, a state that requires front bumpers, without means to mount said front bumper?

and also, how can they say it’s the law to MODIFY a car from how it comes from the manufacturer, to make it legal? you would think the law would be for all manufacturers and dealers to make their cars street legal before it can be sold…

ugh…pisses me off…

+1 for laying low in the gaylant

I’ve had 2 different color zip ties on the front of my car obnoxiously sticking out (didn’t have a cutter).

As long as the plate is there and securely fastened, no cop is going to bother you for it.

i really didn’t want to do that either…it would be completely blocking the radiator…like, completely…if anything, i only want like the bottom or top half of the plate blocking the air passageway for the radiator…

i was considering mounting it off center, to one side of the bumper…but then i realized i’d be either blocking a fog light or an intercooler duct…so gay

i guess i could do that…if it’s mounted, they’re gonna see it…they wont be able to see as i drive by how it’s mounted as long as it’s in front…just gotta find some clear and/or red zip ties now…

It’s called, a mount.

Most cars come with a mount.

Like this :

And yes, they drill into it.

Dude, Nissan makes a mount. It bolts UNDER the lip where you can’t see it. You don’t drill holes.

How about mounting on the the bottom most bar of your bumper so it essentially rests on the road, Its stupid, but it wont block any ducts or radiators, its mounted, and it might make cool sparks when your driving.

extremely strong double sided tape?


There is a picture of the mount here:

Just call Nissan and order one.

i keep mine on the dash in the windshield…no problems yet. i do know some people who use 3M double sided tape (same stuff they use on vent visors etc) and have yet to have it even budge loose.

under the bottom lip? the bumper will be dragging on the ground if it’s any lower than the lip…

My paint is shot on the front bumper anyway…so i just ziptied it to the far side, only blocking the thinner of two vents leading to the radiator…not gonna be a big deal i guess…when i finally do paint the car and get the new bumper i really want, then i’ll invest in the bracket…until then, the only thing that would cause me to get it is tickets for improperly mounted front plate…which i’m sure i’m capable of getting…


Cops hassle you alot for no front plate?

Ive been plate free for nearly two years… Problem free also…

if its not on a stock mount they can still harass you. thats the law. windshield/bumper grille/zip ties may work, but if they want to dick you over they can. ALL cars have a factory mount somewhere.

hell yeah. just do that.