I don’t know if this is in the right place but I thought it would be ok here.
I am right now almost about to pull my hair out over the way insurance quotes are going. Last month I was quoted at $5005 for a 1989 fastback. I thought DARN thats alot of money but still able to be done if I really wanted to. So I decided today to do a quote check and BAM $6280. My driving record has not changed since last month at all and all of the sudden they want 1300 more? If you guys can give me some help as to what companies to look at I would really like to hear. I cannot put it under my parents either so that sucks.

All i can tell u is im 17, personal auto insurance
$285 month…2 million liability, 300 coverage

This insurance issue has been talked about too many times here. No conclusion can come of this. Just shop around, because if a company gives me good rates they won’t necessarily give you good rates.

Hey Brandon if you dont mind me asking what company are you with, I know that if one person gets a good quote it dose not mean everyone will.

An insurance broker is your best bet. Forget dealing directly with the big mofo’s!

I told you up top ^

Personal Auto Insurance

Find in white or yellow pages, based out of toronto i think, across Canada

lol sorry thought you just ment you had your own personal auto insurace policy :wink:

20, G license, clean driving record. 450/month compared to 280/month last year.

My cars in the garage for the summer, like hell I’m going to pay that.

^^ me

my company changed my no fault accident to at fault and wants to go from 2600 to 4100…

now before i get insurance i have to deal with this…

so basicly it seems no matter who you are unless your 25+ your going to be paying silly rates this year. Sad really because this means less money to be put towards the mods. it worked for me!

hey, i just wanted to post my insurance. its 13,000 per year under statefarm, and thats not in pasos. but now, i think its somewhere around 1- 2000 under / year under my parents company insurance. im 19. no accidents no speeding tickets… 98 240sx

Holy crap, that’s high…I know it should be high but…what area do you live in and any idea what could’ve contributed? Am I missing something here? :?

ya 13,000 a year well if your somehow making that much money a year you must be not going to school anymore lol.

i just got a 90’ and its going under my moms name to help me on insurance.
i didnt realize how high it was tho, am i screwed here or what??

You could be. The huge mistake of many is to get the car, then check the rates. Insurance companies tend to frown on cars like the 240, albeit unfortunately with reason, so yeah the rates will be high even on a 10+ year old car.

I’m stubborn, I have my heart set on the 240, so do what the rest of us are doing, drive as responsibly as you can and shop for the best rates hoping for the best.

You can try the popular start:

Hmm… Not bad… 4.3K annualy for both me and my mom for the 240 and her sonata. I’ll prolly ask her to 50/50 split :lol:

i pay well i pay 240 a month for my 240 i geuss it was ment to be!!

for my 9c1 caprice i had to pay 450 soo i am very very happy !!!

Here’s a lotion for all those who;s car are over 12 years old. Get a POS beater and pay insurance on that, register your car as a hotrod… spend the money you save on insurance in modding the car, get it appraised and lounge paying 500 buz a year on your 240.

One of my customers did this with his fully customised, 687 whp 1981 Stingray. Costing him 375 a year insurance.