It's September 11th - Where were you that infamous day?

Was at work, and heard some guys talking about a plane hitting the trade center.

Most of us laughed it off thinking it was like a Cesna or some little plane
and joked about how shitty the US pilots are.

The work radio changed a few minutes later to news and thats when I
heard it all. Didn’t see anything till after 4pm when I got home.

Anyone remember anything special that day? Any friends/family lost?


I was in the van with my older brother, who was nicely driving me a long way to my college at the time. We heard the station interrupt their music to report this, and it was like being in a movie. And it kept getting worse. Call it human nature, but it was exciting to us. We wanted to skip my classes and listen to hear the array of unfolding events.

What a tragic day, waste of lives. I grieve for those who lost during that time. Most importantly, I, and many victims & survivors involved, want the TRUTH about what really happend surrounding the events and suspicions that no plane ever visibly hit the Pentagon.

I was in grade 10 at the time, just got let out of 1st period when a friend of mine ran up to me in the hall screaming “THE TWIN TOWERS WERE HIT!! WE’RE GOING TO WAAAAARRRRRR!!!”

Then I laughed at him, but soon found out how serious the situation really was.

I was doing my OACs in a new high school (Mike Harris’ government closed my beloved school) and wasn’t enjoying my stay. I was skipping that day (like many others) and first heard it when I stopped by Electroniques Boutique (EB Games) in Dufferin Mall.

Me and the clerk there agreed that this had to be a political stunt (after hearing that that luckily the plane hit a vacated under construction area of the Pentagon (Come on).

I never trusted the US Government, but I do feel sympathy for the lives that were lost. I hate their government, but not their people.

ya i was in philosophy class. im pretty sure whatever my first class was i didn’t go to and everyone was talking about it but i didn’t know what the hell was going on. so we pulled up the tv and watched instead of class. nice. too bad about the dead people though. what a waste.

it was my first week of university,

i was eating in a cafeteria on campus when i heard some information on the radio over all the noise.

i went to apply for a job on campus and the ladies were all listening to it on the radio.

i called my mom, who was still in bed, and yelled at her to turn on the TV, i remember her saying ‘OMG’ when she got to CNN.

the rest the day i spent looking ofr a tv to watch it on, i remember at teh university centre there were TV and hundreds of people were crowded around watching this and crying.

i thought it was pretty exciting, and the more i learn about it the more interestign it gets.

after meeting some people that were there and what they had to say i have no feelings of sadness about that day.

more interestingly, today is actually cause for celebration because of those events for millions of people around the world. north americans often forget to see issues from any other perspective.

I was in my grade 9 geography class, some teacher came and knocked on the door and brought our teacher out and told him (“There has been a bombing on the world trade centers” then he came in and told us. I didnt even know what the twin towers were lol, after that class everyone was in the libary during break watching it on tv…

i was in grade 10 i believe (graduated in 2k3 and went back for a year to upgrade marks in 2k4).

we walked into history class, everything was normal. then one of the students who had gone home for lunch and heard the news on TV announced it to the class. our teacher said a long shpiel about what might happen afterwards, then we had a moment of silence, and went on with class. this was at about 10am. at first, i didn’t know that the twin towers were called the World Trade Center, so i was thinking of some other building. i also at this time only thought it was one plane instead of 4, and that it might have been an accident.

next period was drama class. everyone walked in, and my drama teacher had set up a radio and 2 TV’s so that we could hear the news. i sat there in utter disbelief of what had happened. like darkforcejakal said, it was like i was in a movie. some people were crying, some people were staring, some people went on as if nothing had happened at all ( :roll: ).

my dad picked me up from school and we came home to watch some more. my mom came home in tears, and it was a sombre night.

personally, it hit me a bit hard. why? because, less then a month earlier, on August 15th, 2001, me and my entire family stood on the observation deck of the North Tower. the thought just kept running through my head about “what if it was a month earlier?”

darkforce - let’s not even START with that stupid conspiracy about something else hitting the pentagon. that is some of the biggest bullshitting i have ever heard, and someone is trying really hard, and apparently succeeding, to spread false conspiracy’s around the internet. go to, the urban legend busting website, and see what they have to say about it.

bing - while what you say is right, but the fact is that they attacked us. yes they can celebrate, but we’re on THIS side of the coin. i personally am going to remember this as a bad day and not a good day as you suggest, because i know people who were personally affected.

i guess i didnt word it properly, i meant simply that there are millions of individuals who celebrate today. i didnt mean to imply that it was either a good or bad thing, but simply that there is massive division over it.

of course we never see it, and we all assume it was a horrible tragedy.

kind of like how churchies assume everyone believes in god simply because they only associate with other churchies.

anyways, until the actual facts are revealed about what happened that day we should all hold our opinions as to whether it was right or wrong. but it was most certainly tragic.

Between classes eating lunch with a bunch of friends in my basement …

hoping our afternoon classes would be cancelled :confused:

I agree with bing (somewhat)
The day was an absolute tragity and 100% evil and terrible: the people in that building could have never diserved that … no matter what.
I’m not going to say what the US is doing now is any less evil though. When it comes right down to it I don’t care if my sister is killed by a plane or a bomb. Or if he’s killed in the name of ‘freedom’ or not. I’d rather him not be dead. So the US is really making a stinky mess with their external affairs.

But this is a car forum.
In other news I drove a 4X4 today for a bunch of drunk girls at my new house. It was awesome not to have to dodge little bumps in the road. And i acutally took it a bit offroad and climed some big mud piles (don’t worry … I was a lot LESS drunk then the rest of our complex!)

I was in grade 10 at the time. I skated to school as usual and decided not to go to class the day was just way too beautiful waste inside a building. And went to the skatepark at the rec center. Not until about 3rd period did I hear about the attacks when others came to the park on thier lunch. Every story was more exagerated than the last. So I decided to go to 5th period History to hear the real stort from a teacher. Before that day I didn’t know what the World Trade Center was (well didn’t know it was the twin towers) didn’t know who Osama Bin Laden was. I didn’t even know Afganistan was country.

What I do remember is that it was a beautiful day. Alot like today was a beautiful day. And I’ll now remember it as the wedding day of a friend of mine. And what I know now is that Afgan girls are pretty sexy. Or at least the ones I have met are.

I was chilling in drafting class, first period. My class was one of the first to know in school because we were all just surfing the net and someoene found it. When we told people no one belived us.
It really hit me hard because I had lived in the states 2 years earlyer and was always around in the twin toweres. my family knows alot of people that worked in, around the twin toweres, no one was hurt thankfully.

I was in grade 11 religion I think. I honestly didnt know what they were! lol… Then I went to second period english and the t.v was on…Saw it and realized what it was… Crazy… What a slack day that was, and many other days that we had off to hold fundraisers for it… :stuck_out_tongue:

R.I.P 9/11

Haha Sven - a lot LESS drunk…

Anyways, I had just woke up and was getting ready for school when I turned on the TV, it was just minutes after the first plane had hit, so basically every channel on TV was showing footage of it, I was in complete shock. I stood there and stared at the TV for a minute, switched channels and then decided to skip class so that I could follow the events as they unfolded on the news. I saw the second plane hit on TV shortly after.

Now reflecting back on it, it reminds me of the movie dawn of the dead, how it starts off and you are so in shock, and can hardly believe that it happened.

It was a terrible tragedy.

my old highschool has a camp up north for grade 10’s one week in september.
i was up there as a councilor and they announced that something terrible had happened in new york and washington, and then the teacher who was telling everyone started crying. (this was in front of like 400 ppl at lunch)
so everyone got freaked.
then rumours spread and everyone was flipping out and calling home and crying. pretty messed up stuff, it had such a big impact on us because we were so secluded from the real world up in the woods.
i got home a few days later and it didnt sink in because i missed it all, the whole CNN media blitz. to this day it hasnt really sunk in, it seems like a movie.

4 girls in bikinis burst into our basement (i’m in the shower no less) and drunkingly start asking someone to drive their pathfinder. Apparently they are getting hungry. I had only partaken in a couple beers so me and another guy from the complex hopped in the Nissan with them in the back. I started to try and manuver my way out of the dirt they had parked in (they were parked in the back of our complex where no grass had been installed yet for a little tailgate party) but they were like: what are you doing it’s a 4x4?

Much funness results as I take the thing over a bunch of mud hills / holes and completly avoid the paved part to get the SUV to the outside road.

Ahhh … sitting outside all day with girls with little clothing on drinking and BBQ’ing. If we didn’t have class this would be fucking paradise.