JBAKER1121'S FX50 photo and update thread

hey guys,
traded in my 05 fx35 loaded for this 09 FX50 with “tech”, touring, and full aero kit…I call it OEM+
It’s a blue slate over graphite interior with dark walnut trim, with all the interior tech goodies.

so anyway, here’s the pics.

at the DEALER the day I picked it up:

Best pic from when it first came home:

took these this morning at school (dirty from the 3hr drive)

I’m going to give it a wash later today I think so there may be more pics upp…
at night under certain light the color shifts…sometimes it more purple, sometimes gunmetal, so weird…same in the day. reminds me of the color of my grandfather’s Cl550 which is also a purple-gunmetalish color…

Plans for the FX50?

haha OEM+ for now I dont think Im going to go too crazy to be truthful. I graduate next year and depending on what Im doing I may move out of my parent’s house, so I need to save more money for that sort of thing rather than use a large part of my summer earnings on the car haha…

But I already know I am doing the resonator delete aka getting a custom pipe built with no resonator (a pipe with two flanges haha) so i can swap it out instead of cutting up the OEM midpipe w/resonator.
I also know I am going to tint the rear tails, reflectors, and hatch brake…
I’m not going to get springs; I am going to wait for coil overs
then after stuff is tinted I will probably rock the GTR wheels (so, this summer)
Probably do some K&N drop-ins
I need to see if my subbox from the 35 will fit nicely in the 50 otherwise I may just sell the subs and box and go with one 12" sub, or re-build the box and re-use my subs…
I wanted to find out pricing on headlight painted/LED work from 180 but he never calls back and I get sick of it so I may just have john paint the inners like the last car, or see if I can get a set of UAE spec headlights.
I’m not doing HID lights because the others gave me so many issues, and I think I want to go for yellow foglights this time since I know they actually work better in bad weather,
LEDs on the interior, plate lights, dtrl, of course.
Put my radar system back in the 50

then Idk, I’ll see what comes out for it. I have a 6 year warranty so maybe when it gets close to 2 or 3 years aka 50-60k miles (I’ll >hopefully< have an actual job by then) I can think of FI on the vk50…but until then, it’s just a thought.
I was also thinking of doing what my boy with the g37 did and buy a cheap 240sx to get my modding fix and leave the fx50 with mild modification…we shall see.

for the next 7 weeks, it’s basically going to stay OEM unless I decide to go to my boy’s shop to have him fab up a resonator-less midpipe…

I’ll post up more pictures from saturday and the 50’s arrival at home and maybe later today I’ll take more pictures

also, does anybody know if the 03-08 18" wheels will fit the FX50 and clear the BBK?
otherwise my 18" winter wheels will be up for sale and the 21’s may become my winter set, or I’ll buy some 19"s for the winter… for the 2nd gen bodies bigger wheels look best…no 18’s haha

It’s one thing to own a $15k car living with mommy… hell I didn’t move out til I was 22 but I didn’t own a $50k car either…what the fuck man. lol

amazing SUV though. I’ve always liked these.

These are great cars

Nice pickup, I liked the older style a bit better though. Regardless though it looks good

Yeah I’m not sold on the exterior changes, but the interiors of these are much better :tup:

So wait…

Didn’t you have all these major plans for your other one…like a few weeks ago?

haha “living with mommy”


I thought the same but it grew on my

I think bost are a vast improvement!

Yup. And?

Well, it’s just somewhat odd to have all these major plans for coilovers, boost, build, etc. and then sell it a couple weeks later.

Isn’t it?

Sounds like half the people here, lol.

“plans” for a car are often just theoretical plans. “When I come up with $6k, I’m going to boost my car”, says the gas station worker.

I think the upgrade on model year AND going with the V8 is a way better upgrade than any of the previously laid out plans for the V6.



I have the horsepower and torque that I would have had on the old 35 after about 10-15 grand minimum on a safe tune. Plus, I get the newer car. Yeah, I had plans, but sometimes when you are approached with a good deal, you go for it. Such is life.

so anyway, updates:
plate lights…
just installed LED license plate lights…
makes a world of difference imo, I hate the halogen colored plate lights…



next is the city lights (white/6000k) the fog lights (yellow/2500&3000k) and the interior lighting…and the camera-while-moving-mod.

stubby antenna!

5x12mm screw, vacuum nipple cap…
no real loss of FMAM…I dont listen to it anyway. I like the look better it’s a lot cleaner (even though my car is a bit dirty) cost me about $1.00 and 3 minutes of time, and is easily returned back to stock.

next up: taking off cross rails, resonator delete, 360camera-while-driving-mod, tinting tails, etc. and seeing if I like my GTR wheels on it or not…basically.
I’m at school now so working on the car is difficult… middle of nowhere PA

I liked the GTR wheels on the last one.

And the 360 camera is quite cool for those that have never seen it:


yeah im modding it up so you can use the 360cam while driving, just for shits and giggles. It’s as easy as a snip of one wire…

I don’t think you’d really need it while driving. It might just be cool to look at.

For a tight driveway like this it makes sense:


^its just for fun, theres no reason really. Sometimes its nice when youre coming into a spot fast or need to squeeze by somebody on the road, but it says youre going too fast

I still just don’t understand why these satnav systems are not capacitive touch screens yet. Seriously, car companies need to get with the times. Punching in an address on those stupid d-pads is horrible.

The screen is touch screen, and you can also talk to it…

today’s project:
What’s up
I decided to go a different route than the usual 6000k -everything (like I did on my last FX) and went with Yellow foglights.
before I went HID, I wanted to make sure I liked the look, so I bought some cheap-o h8 bulbs - Nokya h8 35w Yellow bulbs (claimed to "appear a bright as 85w) for $25 on eBay - and installed them today using sobi’s DIY thread

Some may not like it, But I do, I think it gives it a sportier look than th all-6000k look. PLus, the yellow is better in bad weather (tested it in my boy’s g37 over the winter) so another reason for the Yellow.

Let’s see what you guys think.
The yellow doesn’t come out perfectly in the pictures, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. No film, just bulb replacement.

check it

best night pics for now:

I like the look for now, but we’ll see. I may change my mind.

I can’t remember why Lexus used yellow lamps for a while… and why they stopped, lol.

I almost did something like this with my fogs in my car, but decided to remove them and make air ducts.

haha that used to be “the look”…bimmers, benz’s, lexus…a lot of cars used to have them, they ar ebetter in bad weather and its just that “euro/jdm” look to some people…I happen to like it.

on my old FX I way working on an air duct mod but never finished it haha…was afraid of the water

damn must be nice to be a spoiled rich kid :tup: