JUICEDZ4 build thread



Don’t over think it just keep running two pumps till there is an issue! Or just put one gs340 or 044 in tank

I am running two in tank 044s modified from jays racing


I would, but its a total hack job. Lots of zip ties and tape. I lierally installed it in like 45 mins last night.

I may just go back to the one pump (which is a 255l/hr HP walbro) and turn the boost down a little for the last two months here.

I really want to make a surge tank setup with one or two pumps it in, engine bay mounted, and just leave my current pump in the tank.



No updates on the fueling yet. Liklely its going to wait until winter since the inline is getting it done for now.

I did however, finally start working on getting heat back in the car. I figure it will extend my drivetime further into the fall and give me a way to defog the windshield.

Basically I just cut the blower box up thats normally mounted to the firewall in the engine bay, and added a couple small pieces of ss to make like a shroud for the stock heater core. The whole thing will mount underdash and point through the dash defroster hole.



Hoping to have this installed in the next week or so.



I finsihed up the mounting last night. The two front straps attach to the metal dash bar and the top one attaches to a little factory screw mount up under the wiper cowl. I reloacted the resistors into the plenum.

Just need to redo the wiring and run the coolant lines and probably extend the little abs plenum I made that used to mate to the top of the factory air box.




Just about finished up the heat tonight. Im just waiting on clamps that will be here tomorrow. Then I can just reroute the hoses in the engine bay to the firewall and boom, heat.

The actuator cable for the shutoff valve isnt super sexy but it will work until I come up with some dash panels and a convenient place / way to mount it.



clean. is that he stock blower?

Got any moire 5/8 and 3/4 alum want to make me a bulkhead. Mine is metal and brass fitting, and weights a few ponds. I used my stock blower stuff so the wiring plug still works it. (just on hi, I didnt put the heatsink low/med circuit board in.


Ya, its part of the stock blower plenum that was orig mounted in the engine bay (pulled air from wiper box, went along firewall, and thru in the middle). I kept the resistor and 3 speeds. Originally there are 4, but I needed an off position since a diff part of the factory selector switch turned the fan off ( and I obv dont use that anymore)

Ill have to check on the tubing. I THINK I have enough to make a small bulkhead. Ill let you know.



Hose clamps came in friday. Managed to score some garage time yesterday and got the clamps on and the hoses swapped over on the motor. Everything works great. Puts out great heat, or none with the vavle closed, and no leaks! win

I have a few other little things Id like to check off my list then Im going to get started on the surge tank. The 8" alum tubing for it showed friday :slight_smile:



I got a little behind schedule the last week or two fixing other things. Mainly doing a timing chain job on my GTI (ugh).

Anyway, while it may not look like much I finally have underdash panels again. I dont even remember the last time I had a complete interior.

Each attaches with just two dzus for easy access to fuses, wiring, MS etc.

So I just need to do a few other little things inside (including order my new switch panel) and the inside will finally be done! Near epic progress. lol

Yes, the pictures suck. It was 1:30 am and I didnt feel like setting up lighting or getting the real camera.


such a clean and simple interior i like it





well done. any luck with the fuel issues?


Not yet. Im building a surge tank with dual walbros. That should solve my fuel pump issues. Ill prob get started on that in the next couple weeks.



Starting to make some progress on the surge tank. I modeled the Y block in Solidworks and machined it myself. The barb fittings, which I turned down from NPT fittings, are press fit (obviously). The model for the tank lid mounting ring is done, Im just waiting it to be machined.




I also started on a design for the hanger bracket to hold both pumps. It needs a bit of tweaking, but Im hoping to have that made this week as well.



Almost done with the fuel pump hanger. Just need to cut a couple slots for the clamps and it should be ready to weld to the tank lid. (and no, thats not fuel line, just some crap for the mockup)



looks fabulous


This is the most amazing J-body build that i have ever seen. Just spent 45 mins reading every page. You do amazing work. I thought mine was customized with KONI suspension but you definitely went way above and beyond! I’ve got a V6 bird myself but it will never be as good as yours!


The other walbro and the mini-me low pressure lift pump came in last friday.





What material/finish is on the hardware for the fuel pump bracket?

Any idea what NOT to use in a fuel tank? I’m wondering if you use 18-8/300 series versus zinc plated low grade steel if it must to protect it at all. Just curious…

Gret work :tup:



I have no idea really what coatings are on the parts. Its all stuff I just had lying around. I dont think any of them will be a problem in fuel. If they are, Ill address it then.

Finally got the mounting flange for the surge tank machined. I need to press in the studs and I can start welding. Hopefully in the next couple weeks.