JUICEDZ4 build thread


Few more pics:







Been busy for the last few weeks with my dad in the hospital. Things are finally getting back to normal and I managed to swap the switches and gauges over to my new switch panel.

Im hoping to get it mounted and finish the wiring tomorrow night when its a little warmer out.

A big :tup: to Luke L for making up the led light bar for me. It was a big time saver since I only had to sand it down and paint it. Luke was great to work with. It only took a few emails to get everything ironed out. I would def recommend him if you need someting upgraded to LED :tup:

LED light bar closeups:

blurry night shot

Also hoping to get to the surge tank this week.



You’re welcome. I love little projects like this. Glad to help out…and thanks for the kind words. It looks awesome on there!


Love how that switch panel looks lit up.


Work always looks good. I love seeing stuff come out so good with just a regular car guy doing work in the garage and driveway.


Great work Dan/Luke…it is what I have come to expect from the 2 of you!




Back to working on the surge tank. Installed the 10-32 studs in the flange. Up next some welding.



Saturday I cut out the lid and got the Y block and a tube for the fuel rail return welded on. Hoping to get more done later this week.






Getting closer on the surge tank. It just needs a baseplate, studs for the pump wires, real fuel line between the pumps and Y block, and an oring.



Wow. Outstanding work!


Agreed :tup:


Since my dad unexpectedly passed away at 73 on April 5th I havent been very motivated, nor had much time, to work on car projects.

However, life goes on, and Im finally getting back to it. Tuesday night I finished welding the surge tank. I still need to decide on how to feed the power wires through the lid, but the main fab work is done now.

The hoses are just screwed to the tank to see how they will run/look. Likely the return line on the top of the tank is going to follow the feed line which should be cleaner.

More to come, hopefully a little more regularly now.



RIP, god bless you and ur family

Looks great!



Last night I pulled the fuel rail, cut off the -6 inlet bung and welded on a -8. Re-“anodized” the rail and installed it. Then I completely plumbed the surge tank. Now it just needs to be wired and anodized.



When will it be awd?


Right after Newman’s E30.


FINALLY got the lift off deck lid and the filler pieces under the tail lights painted, and the tail lights cleared. Im super happy with it. Especially since I dropped it off at the body shop monday night and picked it up today after work. :tup:

Im going to head out in a bit and get the license plate on and the plate lights wired up.



Plate and lights installed and wired up. Lid mounted (I apparently lost one camlock fastener so Ill have to order a new one, and a couple spares)