JUICEDZ4 build thread


FINALLY, the surge tank is fully installed and ready to prime! I didnt think it would ever happen. Anyway, pics:

Wire feed thrus with nylon shoulder washer insulators. (the ground stud is longer so I can attach an insulated cover someday, maybe.

I sealed inside each pair of shoulder washers with E85 safe epoxy, and on the ground stud

all assembled.

dropping it in. Note the nice o-ring

lid all bolted down

wire harness connected

all bolted down



Wow, this looks great. Is that a Quad4 in there?


No, its a 2.2 OHV.

About a month ago I installed a new battery cutoff switch, a good one that will actually kill the motor when running. Novel idea I know. Anyway, it turned out pretty good I think and its MUCH nicer having it right where I can reach it. I dont know how many times I had to get back out of the car to run to the back and turn the GD power on.

I also did some rewiring of the fuse box for the new fuel pumps.

Yes, this picture sucks.

Last night I finalized the plumbing for the surge tank and mounted the new hall crank sensor. I still need to swap a few wires around at the MS then maybe I can start this pile again this weekend.




I like your surge tank terminals. Well done!


that came out perfect…which is pretty expected from you at this point, LOL


haha, thanks. I even used aluminum nutserts in the dash so I can just bolt it in from the front side. The hole in the dash is big enough for all the wires to pull through too, should I ever need to service it.



This car is too awesome haha. Great work as usual.


Last week I primed the fuel system and noticed one of the AN fittings was leaking. I ordered a new one monday, installed it wed, and retested sunday, no leaks. Also I finished the rewire of the hall crank sensor and tested that on sunday. Turns out the pullup resistor for the sensor is not normally installed on the MS main board so while I was able to get it running it wasnt easy and wouldnt stay synced up at high rpm. Ill put the resistor in thrusday and hopefully Ill be ready to retest this weekend.

In fabrication news I decided to remove my coolant surge tank, since I really dont need it, and redo the crankcase catch can b/c the old one was meant to be used with a vacuum pump that Im just not going to ever install.

At this point they are mostly done. Hoping to finish both up thrusday for install this weekend.

Overflow. The inlet will be hard lined. I have that all bent up and ready to go as well.

The catchcan I did all tonight. The breathers will mount above each of the round tubes. Inside the metal mesh area will be either some aluminum wool that I have or maybe one of those ss scrubbies. The mesh discs inside the tubes prevent the wool from dipping in the oil caught (as long as I keep up with emptying it) Anyway, I think it should do a decent job of filtering the oily air and will be a lot simpler and smaller than the old one that I hated.



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Got a late start tonight, 9:30, but still managed to get quite a bit done. The catch can is finished except for some mounting brackets. The overflow tank is done other than some sort of “finish”. Likely Ill just bead blast and clear it.

Catch can with breather bushings.

Breathers installed. I can hardly wait to scuff the hell out of them and paint them or something. Ugh chrome.

Tank basically where it will sit, just not on the tape measure

Hard line for the catch can drain. Its sorta hard to see here.

Overflow plumbed in and mounted

Overflow, overflow :-p

Overview of everything



As many have said before, holy shit, nice work :tup:




I still can’t get over how clean this is.



Finished up the fab on the catch can last night. Just needs to be bead blasted and cleared (which is half done).

I didnt get a pic of the mounting bracket before I took these pics, Ill do that tonight.



Finished up the catch can late last week. I made a new abs filler piece for under it (which just needs to be bolted down, but Im out of 1/4-20 ss button heads). Again the finish is just a glass bead blast with a clear coat. I bead blasted the chrome breathers too, but of course the micron of chrome on there came off so I had to paint them an aluminum color. Its not a perfect match, but close enough. At least its not chrome, blech.

And a full “finished” view of the engine bay with the catch can and the new overflow installed.

Up next, some work on the steering.



Because racecar. Top notch


that engine bay pic is a SERIOUS money-shot. This car is the true definition of project car…never finished, lol


Finally an update! The holidays, house projects, moving my image gallery to a new server, and near 0 temps have kept me busy the last while.

Anyway, Im back to trying to finish up the exhaust. Ive always liked side exit exhaust, and going over the axle and between the swaybar etc with 3" wasnt my idea of fun, so out the side it is. I also wanted something light so I decided to make my own version of a “boomtube” in aluminum.

The dimensions are roughly 1.5x12 at the outlet and 1.75x4.5 at the inlet and its approx 36" long.

First I came up with a sweet template.

Then I bent up some aluminum and welded some supports inside

I had ideas of grandeur of doing some plug welds through the top cover to attach it to the ribs, which didnt really work out. So I drilled a bunch of holes and welded in some 1/4" dia rods along either side of each rib (Ill post some pics of that later) to hold it together. It seems to have worked quite well.

Here are a few shots of it jacked in place

The next task (other than getting more argon) is to make a transition from the box to the 3" muffler outlet. The plan is to form this out of aluminum, should be “fun”

Im hoping to get to that tomorrow night.



I don’t know man, that’s a little out there…


Depends on how it sounds when done :tup: