JUICEDZ4 build thread


Its a fucking Cavalier, but I love it!


Its actually UNDER there.

Ya, it might sound like dogshit, but Im hoping turbo and flames out the side negate that.

It sure is, sorta.



Boomtubes are legit. Haven’t seen in a long time. Keepin it real as always, great work.


Yah man you rock! I love this car.


Got the transition bent up tonight. Ended up being 4 pieces. I tried in two, but it was too hard to get all the bends right. Hoping to weld it up friday night. Thats a 3" vband inlet.



looks great! teach me to tig aluminum like that please


Can’t say I’m a fan of the boom tube, but the craftsmanship is still A+


This. I love his work, it’s always topnotch. A+++


Got a bunch more done friday night. I likely could have finished but the tank of argon I picked up on the way home was actually 75/25. I discovered this at around 8pm while almost blowing a hole and making a mess of the transition. Luckily I was able to borrow a tank from a friends dad to buzz this up with. Anyway, pics.



This is great! I’d love to hear your car go by WOT.


Me too! and by the feedback, everyone else.



I’d be more than happy to drive it by you… lol


Love the rectangular tip idea. I remember when the 90s Camaros had something similar, it always looked cool.

Tossed around the idea of somehow tying in my e-cutout to a side pipe terminating in front of the left rear wheel in a square tip like that (NASCAR style) but never gave more thought to it.

The aluminum portion is pretty far downstream of the engine but how much are you anticipating it to expand?

It all looks great! Would love to hear it when it’s done.


again with the generosity. lol



I’m a very selfless person… lol


Trimmed up and smoothed the outlet last night and started working on a hanger.

More tonight, hoping to finish it up.



Who painted your car? It looks top notch!

I like that tip too…


A friend of mine (who used to paint for a living) and I painted it in his garage back in 1999.



Finished up the last of the welding and “porting”, painting, and the mount for the exhaust last night. It will need to come off one more time so I can apply the gold foil to the floor once it arrives, otherwise Im on to the next project pretty much.