JUICEDZ4 build thread


Havent started it yet. Probably in a few weeks. (yes, I can wait)



Ive been too busy working on my new shop lately to get a lot of time on the car, but Ive managed to get a few things done recently.

Going back to stock inner tie rods (yes I had something different, not getting into that here) but I still wanted to be able to adjust bump steer. I came up with some M18 female rod ends and had a friend machine me some bronze bushings for the ball end to allow me to still use the 5/8" hardware in the strut.

Then I wasted two nights trying to work out the bump steer but realized that the perfect tie rod position is in the middle of the steering arm on the strut. So for now Ill have to make due with what I have. Future plan is to fabricate a new strut tube with the arm in a lower position.

For anyone that hasnt seen it before, this is the bump steer gauge I made up in action.

And the bump steer I ended up with.


Also I got the shade on the gauge cluster extended to try and combat some nighttime glare I get on the windshield. Its pretty clear what I added. The cluster is all abs, except for the front panel which has an aluminum overlay.

I skipped the picture where I added and sanded the body filler.

Finally, again to help with the glare, I made and installed a voltage regulator circuit to limit the voltage to the dash lights. No pics.





I wish you built more cars, Dan…


I wish I had time. Im hoping I have more time after the barn is done. And then Ill obv have more space, for more junk.



I finally got some more gold film and put a strip under the new exhaust tube on the floor. Now the exhaust is basically done, maybe Ill start it up this weekend.

Added some of the gold stuff on the bottom of the turbo heat shield and finally made another mounting point for shield at the compressor end. The tab that sticks down (up on the picture) is to shield the alternator from the turbo / down pipe.

Also spent a couple hours removing a huge area of glue from the old silver DEI heat shield tape that I had on the bottom of the hood. What a mess.



Looks great.


Funny, I bent the large part of that shield up over my leg, when the car was on the dyno up on “the mountain” a couple years back. I put the last little bend in using two piece of angle iron in my vise. heh



I found out today that HPR world substituted the good foil with their own brand. The stuff I recently got from them is incorrect and I am returning what I did not use for a full refund. The correct stuff can be purchased here: http://www.koolmat.com/foil.shtml

Basically what I got, without knowing it until I happened to stumble upon TPIs website looking for something else, was a cheaper version which has FLAMMABLE adhesive. Sweet. Here is the explanation:




Still not a ton of progress, the barn has been keeping me super busy.

I did manage to finally wrap the down pipe a couple weeks ago, and added some spark plug boots to hopefully control temps a bit better.

The car is inspected now. I just need to reset the front toe, drain and refill gas and I can take it out again, someday.



any updates?


No. Unfortunately until I finish the shop this is going to sit.



This thing is nuts!!!


Think its about time to try and get this pig back out. I need to pull the cover off and figure out what I want / need to do to make it happen.

Likely I need to make some big decisions, there is so much Id love to redo, but that could delay things til who knows when. I still havent decided if I care or not yet… hah

Anyway, interest has been sparked now that the barn is pretty well done and we have no major projects scheduled for around the house this summer (other than finishing the attached garage).



Hows the VW coming along?

Why not take this craftsmanship and expertise to the next level on a better platform? Don’t get me wrong I love the car and your work… but another platform would be fun to see.


VW has been on hold for a month or two. Ive had a friends truck in the shop that Ive been working on along with some other small projects with kydex and a vacuum table I made.

Some day Ill work on something cooler. But not until these two projects are “done”.



Just finish the VW and don’t ‘redo’ anything on this.

Ahh, who am I kidding anything you build is fun to watch. Keep the updates flowing.


Nice work man!




Nothing to report, its just sitting under its cover, alone and sad.

Its been back in my mind again lately, I really should take a little time and figure out what it needs exactly. At a bare minimum I need to drop the tank and change the fuel pump, and source some bigger injectors.