JUICEDZ4 build thread


What is wrong with it? Can’t you just drive it on low boost?


Something seemed strange after I added the surge tank. Im not sure what the issue is exactly, but I wanted to start by removing the dying walbro from the oe tank and replacing it with the lift pump that I bought 5 years ago. Then see where im at.


Think Im gona get it on the lift soon and swap that in tank fuel pump and start working on getting this pos on the road this year.


Please do i love this thing


Two weeks ago I had a little time and decided to pull the tint as it was scratched to shit and just meh after all these years.

To get all the glue off the windshield (yes, the windshield was tinted) I had to loosen the dash and slip it back a little. Anyway, the windshield and front sides are stripped and it looks way better. Id love to do the rear windows but that means removing seats and climbing inside the cage. So they may just stay for now.


And a view I hadnt seen in a while. I really hate the red seats. Im thinking of trying to dye the covers black with RIT dye. I may start with a cushion cover and see what happens. I bought them used back when and got a good deal, which is why they arent black already.




This thing still trips me out after all these years.


I need to keep at it. I would like to drive it this year. Once I get all the dailys sorted, Im gona try to do a couple hours a week.



I FORGOT ABOUT THIS!!! I love all your work! Also would you consider selling the seats?


Finally I love this thing


Sell no. But I would trade them for an identical black set. Thats one of the things that bugs me, the red seats. Ive been looking into dying them black as I dont think new covers are available anymore, or are cost effective.



Tore into it last night. Its def in need of a huge cleanup from sitting since 2012 or whatever.

The “gas” that was still in it was pretty awful.

-surge tank out
-oe fuel tank out
-oe fuel lines out

The plan here is to make everything less complicated, and more safe and reliable.

-Ditching the over sized surge tank for a new walbro 400 in tank pump (on order this am)
-New fuel lines as the oe ones are pretty rusty and slightly undersized (need to verify length and get it on order asap). Also noticed the brake lines to the rear are looking pretty bad, so Im going to replace that quick too. Looks like I have enough 3/16 nicopp in stock.
-new larger fuel filter. What I had was really less than adequate

Surge tank out


Tank and lines out


And a couple pics b/c I mostly forgot what it looked like under there





Started on the new stainless fuel sending unit last night. I wanted to have true 3/8 supply and return lines to support the new Walbro 400 pump. And why not do it in stainless?

Here is the original

And the toasty connector

And where Im at on the new one. I more or less kept the location of the tubes into the cover just routing them a little different. The vent will go around the outside of these two, Im just waiting on the Fuel Safe vent / valve to arrive. The new connector should be here today so I can get that sorted at least.



Little more progress on the new sending unit.

Made some little spacers out of 3/8 tube and glued them in place.

Then fabbed up a mount for the pump, which will get hose clamped in place.

Sourced a rollover vent valve from fuelsafe, and a new bulkhead connector from Racetronix.

Fuel filter mounted

New 3/8 nicopp lines run front to back.

The rest of the hose ends and tube nuts / sleeves I need to finish up the brake and fuel lines are due today.



Sunday I finished up the new rear brake and fuel hard lines and the rear flex fuel lines.

Not shown are the clamps I added to secure the crossover line.

Filter and return lines in and secured where necessary.

And there is the whole smash before the final install. I had to lower the drivers side front subframe to snake it though. Luckily its only 6 bolts.



Almost done with the new sending unit / pump setup.

Silver brazed the tubes to the top plate. Its not perfect, but its plenty strong and wont leak, so Ill take it.

And then mounted and wired the pump. I used a small piece of viton between the pump and hanger, and of course the walbro rubber isolator on the bottom

And got new wires soldered directly to the level sensor board. Previously it grounded to the return tube via a mounting rivet and had a little tab for the other lead, but the way im mounting it now I had to do it different. All thats left is to mount it and terminate the wires into the bulkhead connector.



Im a bit behind on updates. So here goes.

Sending unit installed in tank and harness made

Installed, plumbed, and wired.

Trunk battery and pump wiring / relay

Had the injectors cleaned and flow checked. Fuel rail repainted. New fuel rail gauge installed. Braided lines installed.

Coil tray remounted.

With that done I finished up some interior stuff since I had the seats and rear seat delete out to update the fuel pump wiring.

Added foil backed butyl sound deadening to the floor and firewall and then topped it with the 1/2" dynamat dynapad. Was tired of the tin can. (no pics)

Rear seat delete cleaned up and reinstalled. (I had to remove it do do the fuel pump wiring). Also removed the rear quarter window tint.

The black seat covers I ordered to replace the red just wouldnt fit right so I decided just to clean up the red and rock em.

A little soaking with Folex (the greatest fabric cleaner ever) and they were looking new. I even sewed up a few rips.

Seats back in place

Also not shown:

  • flushed and bled brakes
  • oil change
  • new spark plugs
  • fuel filled and primed

Fired it up for the first time since 2011 this past saturday!

And got it back on the ground yesterday. Hoping to pull it outside tonight to get it up to operating temp. Then I need to flush and refill the coolant system - the state of it looks pretty awful.

Also, removed the checkers. Its not my fav look, but I like it a lot better than with them. I do wish it was one color, but that will have to wait til maybe never.



Weeks later. Finally have the coolant system flushed. It was a mess. I’m not sure what I had in there but it’s all out now. I had to order a new tstat which is due tues. I’m hoping to have it in and refilled by next weekend. Maybe even inspected.


Finally got an inspection a couple weeks back.

I havent had much time to tinker lately but I finally have my laptop setup with the new megasquirt tuner studio and megalog viewer. Wow its changed for the better over the last 6 years. heh.

Everything is now set up properly - I had to create a new project since I lost all my old files. The big one was getting the scaling for WBO2 and fuel pressure read back and data logging going.

If it stays nice out today and nothing crazy happens I may take it for a quick drive. Im expecting the fuel to be super fat due to the issues I was having before, but at least thats the safe way.



This car still brings a smile to my face. Would love to see a new ‘first drive’ video.

Get that VW build going agaiN!


Hoping to get back to the vw very soon. I just want to try and work out w/e I can on the cavy before the white stuff starts flying and while there is still daylight.

Im hoping to make some huge progress on the vw this winter. Id LOVE to have it moving next summer, maybe without an interior, lol