Movie thread.

Rape scene didn’t bother me too much. :rofl :shifty

What did I just watch? :eek3

I also saw Young Adult last night and was honestly expecting more out of it, acting was definitely good however and some awkward social situations thrown together.

Wifey read the book and wants to see it, going to pick up the DVD for her and was wondering if it was a good movie. I will take your word for it, you seem to have good taste in movies.

Well duh, I have good taste in everything.

It was different, but I enjoy gritty stuff like that.

i enjoy movies with great rape scences


While not rape…

Requiem for a dream FTW. A2A


Watched Fido. It’s a zombie satire set in the 50s where due to some kind of radioactive event everyone who dies turns into a zombie. But the govt has a branch designed to contain them and basically turn them into workers/pets. I thought it was pretty funny and worth a watch.

An awesome movie

Another awesome fucking movie

  • rep to you. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is an awesome movie and requiem for a dream is top 20 for me.

watched aeon flux… movie was ok… charlize theron was smokin hot throughout

oh shit, didn’t realize she was the star of that one, i’ll have to check it out.

Check out this movie:

‘The Girl Next Door’ (2007)

it will change your mind about enjoying rape scences

note: its not the one where the porn star moves in next door. I don’t think this little ‘gem’ was ever in theaters. Suprised it doesn’t fall under some kind of child porn law

I watched that movie the other day. Pretty fucked up… and it’s based on a true story

Check out A serbian film.

yea I’ve seen that too. people are sick haha

the title is ‘A serbian’? or ‘A’? or are you just saying check out any Serbian film in general? lol

I’m guessing it’s this fucked up movie:

oh i c, the title is just as he said lol

looks just sick enough to watch!

Went to see 21 jump st as well a few weeks ago, def funny as fuck…

Went to see Cabin in the woods last weekend, def the most fucking gayest movie I have ever watched in my life… Fucking rediculous…

An older movie from 2007 but I just saw “Before the Devil Knows Your Dead” on the Sundance Channel and it was awesome. It’s a four star movie so I highly recommend it for anyone who is flipping the channels. Sundance is great too because all the swearing and nudity are intact and uncut.