My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


Nice Drew!


Finally saw this car in person yesterday, it looks and sounds amazing!




Dig it :tup:

… Next time though LANDSCAPE not PROFILE video. :slight_smile:


IB4 418+Turbo Last Start video.



Why bother putting your hand back on the wheel? keep it on the shifter lol




So I was feeling pretty manly today and tried to do a pull on high boost…ummmmm yeah made around 13psi(this was in 2nd gear) and it was scary as all hell. Took all my balls to keep in it as it was spinning and walking around a little. Well it is safe to say this was a little much for the street. I will try 10lbs and I think that will be about the highest I am comfortable with on the street wheel/tire setup


Should have put one of these on the back so you’d have traction:


Whammy :tup:

New high dyno numbers


:tup: cant wait to see new time slips


Was still 3 digits

Shits weak


How many lbs fggt?


:tup: I need a ride…


I forgot

Anytime man!
Lets hang soon


I’ll be up in less than 2 weeks… i wanna ride tooooo pls.




Ok guys here is the deal…I was going to add this to the locked build thread but think that is kind of rude so I am going to have FAITH that you guys will not post a bunch of stuff that annoys me. Please do not let me down!!! I am sharing just because cars like this are few and far between and I believe should be shared. Please dont tell me how you would have tuned it or a bunch of other bs(getting it on another forum yay!)

Lastly the big question will be why did I stop at 975rwhp two reasons

  1. Couldn’t get more boost out of the 7.25psi wastegate spring
  2. A coolant hose split which was HILARIOUS btw. I figured I blew a headgasket but boy oh boy was this a pleasant surprise. On the bottom of the rad(where nobody could see) I used a 90* rubber hose I cut off with a hacksaw I found in my basement lol. It did not last :frowning: RIP hose

Anyhow with all of that out there





I’m still pumped you’re the one tuning it.
Who built it? - me.
Who tuned it? - me.

<3 awesome.