My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


Wow nice. Are you still on pump gas?

…That dyno sounds like its pissed off lol.


WOW. Siqqq work dude.


Yeaaaaahhh :tup:


Goddamn Drew, great job!


Needs more rotary motor… :wink: lol.

What coolant hose broke? One of the silicon ones we put on?


Pretty sure it was the lower radiator hose which was just rubber


Fn A. Awesome!

I only wish I could see the pics or vids or w/e is on here from work lol. Must remember to check tonight.



So awesome.


It was cool chatting with you about the car and tuning at the BBQ, I would love a ride-along


ill post those pics up later today.


Thanks guys and yeah it was the lower rad hose the one single rubber one. Rubber will work fine but that one I have no clue how old it was etc etc. It split in half between the clamps…it is still attached though hahahaha.


I can’t believe you haven’t hit 1000whp yet pu$$y. LoL

<3 It!!

Meanwhile I’m sitting over here hoping to hit 700-800 wheel. Weak sauce.

Once you place new coolant hoses on her do you have any plans to swap out the waste gate spring and try to make a little more power? Hows the fuel system keeping up?


LOL I know right shit is weak

You bet your ass I am going to change gate springs and make moar boost.
I am almost out of injector but should be able to crack 1k easily :frowning:


I’m speechless, that’s disgusting. Beyond long hours and hard work paid off man :tup:

I shit myself from miles away.


How are you controlling boost? I had no trouble tripling the wg springs pressure with my EBC setup. But its not exactly an apples to apples comparison. .



I’d still race you.


I am using a Hallman manual boost controller. Nothing fancy…wasn’t in the budget this year :slight_smile: lol

On foot? I am pretty quick in the 7-10k variety.

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I have taken it out on the street at what turned out to be around 875-900rwhp…I had to pull over after to relax for a sec.


Ah ok. The stock ECU cant control a EBC somehow? (I was assuming it probably could)



I am not totally sure to be honest.


Cool. :slight_smile: