My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


Very nice work. :tup:


It was nice to meet you this afternoon, Nice car, sick ass build… Cant wait to get intouch when we have the toy out… Greg


Thanks guys! Loudgp glad to see ya posting.


Awesome vid, that beast screams.


I thought I blew the head gasket on the dyno too but it was just a leak in the meth injection…wasnt funny ha Car looks and sounds bad man :tup:


This car is fucking sweet. I’d just keep the hallman for boost control. It’s simple and it works.


what makes everything worth it


Thanks man and good seeing you guys tonight. I like the hallman a lot. Works great and I know exactly how many turns does what. I can go from 630-975rwhp on it with my current wastegate spring. Perfect


Yeah…what he said.


Filled up at Sunoco tonight…will run 18psi tomorrow lol


what psi did you make 975 on and what is the max psi you think she has in her?


lol, i wont be able to tow anything till i get out of work @ midnight.


<- has that covered today John :tup:


Are you really trying to run 18psi on pump gas? :eek:


Nice seeing this car again last night.


Why couldn’t he run 18 psi on pump gas? If I recall New Era made over 1000 whp on that yellow Z06 on 93 octane. I love v8’s with boost! Keep it goin drew


andreas arthurson the owner of the worlds fastest lsx car is making over 2000hp on sunoco 104 unleaded, so im sure 1000 is doable on pump.


I don’t see why you would push it on pump gas?

A few extra dollars a gallon for safety

It’s stupid to be a hero and blow your shit up for some internet glory :lol: especially over something stupid like pump gas.


this is insane. and im very frustrated that i cant figure out how to turn the sound back on on my computer so i cant even hear the video. fuuuuuu.

when can i check this thing out?


Great numbers Drew. We need to finish making it look all sexy.