My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


Bravo. That thing has to be a beast on the street.


Thanks guys

Guys…re read what i wrote when I posted the vid. Debating what gas etc etc ends now. Every car motor etc type is different.

At the track if I run 17+ it will have a few gallons of whatever they sell at the track in it more then likely.

Worlds fastest LSX is on 104 and cathedral port heads.

Ulrta on 975rwhp I was around 18psi…my 2.5 bar map supports 21.7psi and I will turn it up till I max that or the injectors.


E85? I saw you had a pretty sweet fuel system in the car. Are your injectors compatable with the fuel? The sunoco on maple and Ayer has E90 in their tanks currently…and it’s way cheaper than race gas


The fuel discussion has ended. Race gas prices do not matter to me since I don’t use it. If i did it would be like once a season at the track a few gallons or somersetting.

I would need way bigger injectors for E-85 though and already make 975rwhp without it and can fill up anywhere. So im not switching anytime soon.


can’t wait to log in and see that 4 digit whp, awesome job


Thanks! I will get back there and try again before the snow hits.


That many jams, I’d vote for a 2 stage BC, first setting that won’t kill you, and one for when you flip the switch it’s fucking go time.

How is drivability on the street w/that much power, the clutch and so forth?


I still havent gotten a ride in this yet fggt :frowning:


I hope to get out sometime and see this beast. amazing job sir. :tup:


yea its been a while since i have been on here… had to have mike reset my password…lol… Looking to bring the car out next weekend… probably will call and see if i can get it on the dyno. I just ordered the lpe 100mm maf sensor and may also get the 65lb hr injectors. i dont think were close to maxing the injectors out ( logging showed a max at 82%) but added boost… and ya never know… it has 57’s in that they sent with it.


I drive it on the street between 7-10psi and it is great. I run a spec twin clutch setup that isn’t any more stiff then some factory setups. It will chatter a little from time to time. On 7psi(640/690) between the tires/gear/lag I have almost no traction issues ever. Many have heard the car run and idle…hardly any lope and not much louder then a stock vette with a cat-back haha.

Needless to say as far as streetability I am VERY happy

Hmm I am just about maxing out my 83s. You guys should just buy mine and I will go to 96s or 120s!
Call Donovan and set up a dyno appt and I will meet you guys up there for sure.



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Got a price on them?


Sound like most of the guys on here aren’t happy with your close to 1000 hp. Buy some jet fuel and dial it up to 30 lbs.






2kwhp or bust bitches


Hmmmmmm I plan to keep going back and turning it up when people take my dyno king status(im looking at you 4eyed and turbociv) jerks.


What if I built a 1000hp Chevy Prizm? Let’s get some beer and do this.


Beer? You have piqued my interest.


it took me long enough, i know: