My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


holy shit.


Great numbers, and really smooth power curve. Congrats, I’m sure it’s a blast!


Finally got a chance to watch the dyno vid…

Ho-ly Fuck…



im gunna go out on a limb and say this is the coolest car within a 312 mile radius.


It’s right up there for sure…


Thanks a bunch!
Just so you know I ended up handling the tuning. I remember you asked and I didn’t have a clear answer then.


thats cool. i read about you rescaling from 2.5 bar to 3.0 bar map sensors and stuff. that sorta knowledge comes in soo handy.

im utterly shocked at how easily it made 800whp. im not too keen on specific lsx parts, and tried looking for details in the thread but couldnt find em. thats a relatively cookie cutter boosted setup isnt it? (as far as the engine parts)

guesstimates at trap speed? its gotta be like 160+.

i cant wait to see vids of this thing crushing liter bikes.


It is a 418ci LS3 based shortblock with dartpro1 225cc cathedral port heads and ls6 intake mani. I don’t know what your definition of cookie cutter is. But I would deff not call this cookie cutter.
Turbo kit was custom made by Turbociv
Fuel and everything else made by me
I have plenty of growing room from here. Injectors will run out around 1k

No idea on trap and such. Just want to drive it!


haha. Brandon’s only concern is trap speed. He ask’s everyone for that


I don’t want to speculate too much just want it 100% sorted and then it is time to cruise. I will get to the track someday but it and racing people is not my top priority.


i didnt mean have it come off like im down talking the setup. i just meant the heads and IM, and internal components to support that much power and etc. nothing over the top ridiculous like titanium rods or something…


800 wheel would put you in the 145-150 trap area. 160 take waaaaaaaaay more power


^^ Hater :slight_smile:


ET > trap

I like the fact that It dosent spin in second, but pulls. Driveability is where its at.
Thats why I like my s10 even tho it wasnt the quickest girl at the ball, short wheel base, manual steering, tons of torque and response, made being an asshole out in the toolie bushes, a TON of fun.


i just like to know trap numbers because its indicative of power production.

i love the interior of this car. the more i look at the pics, the larger the “best car radius” becomes. im like, proud of you for building this thing, and ive never met you. ha.


I didn’t realize you went cathedral port heads. Still sweet.


A friend of mines FC went 155 on 725rwhp just a few weeks ago. Must have been a fluke.


Went for some WOT passes just on the wastegates 7lbs.



that sounds fucking gnar


Pretty sure that mph gauges climbs faster than my Mustangs tachometer…jesus!