My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


Thanks a ton guys that is great to hear and I have been hearing the same from all the “right” people. I am truly amazed with some of the comments I get from people but whatever.

Thanks a ton again to everyone involved in this build. Not a chance in hell I could have accomplished this without you guys.

I drive it on the street in 7-8lbs(650rwhp) and have not even broke the tires loose yet. This car has always hooked amazing on the Notto NT-01 tires. I planned ahead for traction issues and installed a really long 3.27 rear gear. I have not really tried 1st gear but in 2nd WOT to redline there is 0 wheelspin just pulls like crazy. Brings a smile to my face every time.


super jealous, fantastic numbers. I don’t think people realize what 800whp really means not to mention @ ONLY 13psi. Congrats on such a solid build with a super sexy car.


Jesus… I loved this thing when it was “only” an LS swap. Now it’s just getting out of control. Huge :tup:


Thread title change?


I think 800whp is impressive :tup:


This build is fucking stupid. You should totally be cranking up the boost and have an unusable retarded amount of power for the street on an engine you just built. Why don’t you just push it to the fucking limit and jeopardize all your hard work and time.


Love it.


That’s awesome, must feel ridiculous. Congrats on an amazing car!


Man that car sucks! I can’t believe how little power it makes, so lame!


Come down to Houston for some good runs! I’m heading out tomorrow night for some fun runs in my slow Trans Am.


Still waiting on a ride…



My Build Thread LS1/FD It’s Fuckingretardedfast


My Build Thread LS3 + Turbo FD: Only 800whp OH WELL



My Build Thread LS3 + Turbo FD: HOW DID IT GET SLOWER???




haha thanks guys.

I could not be happier with how the car drives. I am still sorting out some small issues like the fact that I pulled a Juicedz4 and exploded my axle boots on the dyno. Must be a new trend! I look forward to driving the car a ton the rest of the season but I do count on there being a few more bugs to work out along the way. Once I am comfortable and everything is working right I will turn the boost up! I still can’t believe it made 800rwhp on low boost straight pump 93.


Exploded the axles boots? I guess they weren’t ready for that level of siqqq.


I just had way too much grease in them. But we can go with it was caused by a SIQQQQQ overload.


Time to add Low Boost Pump Gas Magic to your sig lol


haha naw I don’t want to be rippin anyone off. We need to make something new.


anyway we can shoe horn my big ass in there for a ride?


LOL maybe. It is pretty cramped in there.