My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


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edit: wtf?


LOL I dunno. I copied link form someone elses youtube. Some good viewing there for ya, looks like you will have a busy night now. :slight_smile:


nah. mat sci and fluids homework.

plus, you cant fap to youtube




More boost. More race gas. More dyno queen.


Meh. Not needed. Meh








Thanks a ton guys! Come to tea leaf tomorrow I am going to try to bring it there.

This vid helps show how smooth and quiet the car is. I am really happy with that. You can finally talk to the passenger and cruise along decently comfortable…while making 800rwhp.

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Comments in regard to my 827/800 not being enough to make some of you happy will be deleted. It is what I decided to call it at today after I think 3 pulls and no real tuning because I just want to drive it and dial it in on the street while enjoying the car. I know nobody is trying to be rude ive just gotten it from about ohhh 23904239048 people so far. How effortless it made it was super cool though haha Don’t worry the car will still progress from here.



you said 1200 rwhp earlier in this thread!


I don’t think I said that. Also I have about 5-10miles on my setup. I want to drive it. Next person to bother me about not going for broke first few pulls the car ever makes is getting fucking stabbed.

I’m not joking.




Looks and sounds great!


:tup: Congrats man. That is awesome to see this thing make serious power!!!

I can’t believe people are still giving you a “hard time” about this build. This is a one-off, hand crafted, one of a kind street monster. Period. In fact, there are a number of these floating around NYSpeed right now and they all get shit one way or another. Unbelieveable.

I say, drive it and enjoy. After all the hard work, $$$, and countless hours you put into this you deserve all praise and no shit. The people that respect this build for what it is realize that this creation was built by a mere handful of very talented individuals over a realtively short amount of time and created over 800 RWHP out of the gates. This was a clean slate with no real blue prints or a pile of bolt-ons. It took vision and skill to create some of the pieces on this Car; along with a lot of trial and error and a few set backs. But, that is how you learn.

You built it. If you like it than that is what matters.

Everyone else can go fuck themselves.


BALLER. I’ll holler at ya after work.


I still think 800 wheel is pretty fucking silly for the street.

I vote you turn it down to 2 psi…give me a chance to keep up.


Times 45467609857609576087605760576.

I like your little sign off at the end there too, sounds oddly familiar, haha…

Great job to EVERYONE involved in this build. Drew, you got an incredible car there.


Well done sir :tup:


how is the traction? I’m guessing you can break them loose anytime?


Haha…I don’t know what you could possilby mean. :slight_smile: