My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


you would never know from the outside what was stuffed on the inside. looking good.


I would like to be there with it this Tuesday. But who knows what kind of issues will arise now that im gonna start driving it.


Not loud at all. Wayyyyyyyyyy smoother and quieter then last year.


Plan on making lowish power on the street? That filter is gonna have to come off to see real potential.


Looks great


Aware. I plan to run about 7lbs on the street.



Be careful running that filter, your turbo being the size it is definitely has the power to suck part of the filer in (It’s been known to happen on larger turbos)




Fuck that filter.


WTHire someone to go mop up my coolant on Main st.

I forgot to bleed the coolant system. Although still don’t think it is going to stay cool without a shroud anyhow. But I should probably bleed it first.

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But we got to see value girl!

Also im not saying the filter is big but don’t forget the size of my turbo…The base of that turbo is 8" lol the inlet is 6" It is way bigger then you would think.


Just wire mesh it.


When it goes on the dyno i will test mesh and filter and make a decision. I am more then capable to handle this. Thank you for everyones concern.


I haven’t read the last page or so but in looking at the pics, you should probably be careful with that filter.


I am very concerned about the filter but since this is the first car I have ever looked at in my life I am unaware of potential issues and possible alternatives. Can you guys please do me a solid and make a spreadsheet(powerpoint OK) that lists all available options with pros and cons? Please include real world data and testing. Possibly a video.

Otherwise I just don’t know what to do!


Drew, maybe your dad can make some tape that will better secure the filter?


PRO: Keeps birds and small animals in the road from being sucked into the vortex.
Con: fuck that, lets feed it birds and small animals!


hahahahaha at both!


Shit’s getting deep in here…

I say, sick ride with or without the filter, now let’s go do some heaterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…er, wait, are you keeping this AWD? (sorry, couldn’t resist)


What about this to decrease lag?




13psi, pump gas. Didn’t feel a need to go any further for now. Peak hp at bottom right of graph