My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!



Hells yeah…! I figured you would take it out today. :slight_smile:

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Let me state again:

HELLS YEAH…Siq ride heaterz mutha fucker shit mang! Sorry, joy torrets.


how is the spool?


I did floor it already haha

Needs and alignment BADDDDDDDD

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Logs show i only went to 3200rpm so I dont know yet. I will get it on the dyno soon. It is a 418ci motor so needless to say it felt fast out of boost haha.

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Luke has been slaving to help me finish this car No way it would be out this season without Luke L helping me so much.


Fuck yeah.


Ugh, I NEED to pull my MR2 apart.

And here I thought this ‘itch’ was just herpes. I guess I just want to work on my car…juat…?

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Congrats! Need moar vidz!!


It’s been a fucking marathon and a half thats for sure.

Waits for teardown this November


Yay! Congrats!


Gotta feel damn good.


When you pulling the motor and going bigger?


yay! Cant wait to see/hear some vids. Or maybe Ill acutally be at the picnic in a few weeks.



AND alignment. haha


Thanks everyone! Feels great and I am really happy. Still deff some things to work out and a lot of work to be done. But I am finally out driving a little and hope it is all good once i get it aligned. I am going to Licatas tomorrow.

Yes Travis needs AND alignment.


I’m just jealous so I gotta spit that hate every chance I get!


Some meh pics to prove it was out of the garage ha


I really need to see this in person. Any chance this will be at Tea Leaf this Tuesday? I’m planning on stopping by there for a bit.


Looks good too :tup:


looks dope

how loud is it?