My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


I will make sure to toss in the powerglide before the track day.


Rear end will rip out of the subframe.


I think many other things explode before that happens.


Like the headlight motors!


ha possibly. I expect the car to be like turbocivs this year. High hp IRS manual trans cars deff like to destroy driveshafts, axles, and transmissions. But I will deal with that WHEN it happens as it is pretty inevitable once you start making big power.


:tup: I will be out with mine in a week or so. We need to get some cruising in.


Joe give me a call when you are free for a min so I can come over and see it. Mine honestly should be out cruising already I have just been really busy and not all that motivated.


Can we go get it tuned plz?


But then I would have to make time to install the seats which would require a solid 5min of labor. :frowning:


Are we putting this on the ground Sunday?




So car is on the ground. I still have to finish the interior. Anyone that feels like lending a hand later let me know. I am busy till about 830 though.


I’d stop by tonight to check it out and lend a hand but i’ve got some dusty puck tonight. You going to be doing anything tomorrow?


Not sure about tomorrow. But possibly.


I wish I was around for this build, would have loved to stop by and just gawk at it, and maybe lend a hand for the simpler things lol.


whos doing the cal work on this thing?

also, burn outs = intact driveline but at the same time, burn outs = sex with girls and ALSO, burn outs = lost races = no sex with girls. gotta pic and choose your battles. i think ive gone cross-eyed.

cant wait to see this car!


What is cal work?

Burnouts are for the street on street tires! I am not really interested in racing on the street. At the track I run slicks and hook up just fine.


i meant who is your tuner.

yeah youre to the point where its just plain dangerous. excellent.


I deff will still race the hell out of it on the track.

Right now Chuck(firehawk) helped me out with a nice base tune to get it running. JD(turbociv) will prob have it on the dyno shortly.


Sorry for the lack of updates…but I just drove the car about 2-3 miles.


All went well. Needs an alignment. I have been working on the tune with the help of JD,LZ and NickW Car is running and driving great.

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