My Build Thread LS1/FD Its Fast!


ahh cool, yeah the mechanical gauges are clutch when you’re trying to diagnose shit. I’ve done the same with fuel pressure in a pinch.

Sounds like you’re almost there :tup:


:tup: Drew…glad it was something stupid and simple after all


Thanks guys


wow drew…this is amazing. I’m soo jealous! haha. Wish I’ve been around to help out :frowning: I’ve been so busy with a new tech job at a GM dealership. If you ever need any GM service info give me a holler :slight_smile:


Yeah man you need to come over and drink some pushrod beer.

Also Mingle and I had a GREAT trip to Value for some hardware haha then we worked on a few of the small issues for a few hrs. At one point I didn’t have a turbo anymore! I will know tomorrow if I fixed the leaking at the flange of the exhaust housing.


You mean I formulated the plan you homo. LOL



but in all seriousness, awesome to hear dude. wht is this pushrod beer you speak of? does it help you grow chest hair?


shouldn’t you be trying to under pay someone for work? :slight_smile: Yes while I was thinking of ways to attach the gauge DAN LESSER told me to put it in the feed. <3

It helps with any SIQQQQQQQQQQness one might have as well as encouraging chest hair growth. We all literally took pushrods right out of my motor and used them as straws to drink beer. I felt manly for weeks.


Gives the rollcage a shake

“Hmm, yeah seems about right”


We really need to get a go-pro or something to record that.


I don’t TRY.


Man Shit up in 'ere.


i better be your first race


Sure thing. Track? I plan to hit the track as soon as it is tuned.


Just tell me when! I got my camera ready, and my new gopro!!!


I’ll be there for the first track run…:tup:


In as well!


Get this thing on the dyno and to the track already!


NYI it is, let me know bro. ill make sure turbociv is there incase u beat me, hes got my back


And in case you beat choda then turbociv I got their backs.

Won’t happen, you need at least 1400hp to beat Choda lol.