My shop/barn build thread


Last night I finished up the last few pieces of metal on the south wall.

Installed the last light in the first row of 5.

Finished installing the lights for over the bench area.

Thursday night Ill probably get the OSB installed under the bench area and try to get the middle of the garage door wall insulated. If there is any time left, start getting the J and Z trims up.



Last night I got a late start but managed to get a bunch done.

-shoved the slab temp sensor into the PEX I ran under the floor. Used some string trimmer line to shove it in with, worked great.
-caulked and taped the tyvex etc.


-got a bunch of sheeting up. I need to finish up nailers over the other garage door before I can go any further. Hope to finish up that and get the insulation and steel up past the other door this weekend, maybe.



Small step forward last night. Finished the last little bit of insulation under the window and put the 18’ of OSB up for under the bench area.

I also cleaned up a bit and moved stuff around.

Thursday I plan on trying to finish up the garage door wall.



Looks good, and its fun watching your progress thanks for documenting it all for use so we can be Jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it the cavi, and cabrio and camper and all the other projects are on hold till this is done because i havent seen any update.


You take it correctly. This is basically my only project (except for the pool deck I need to start on soon) until the barn is done.



Nearly finished up the front wall insulation and the steel. Ill finish the last 3 feet in the other corner when I do the adjacent wall. I just have too much crap stacked over there right now to bother.

Yes, the double box mounted high on the wall is for a possible TV some year.

Up next either more ceiling steel or insulation on the rear wall so I can finish up the rooms under the stairs.



Insulated the first section on the rear wall and put up the last of the wall steel that I currently have.

And I cleaned up a ton so we have room for the “garage” sale this weekend.

I should be back to working on the ceiling and that rear wall next week.



Man, as my car collection continues to grow, I need to start thinking about something like this. Great work, Dan.


Sell a few cars and maybe you can put one up. haha



I’m going to need to talk to you pretty soon. I’m in the early stages of getting one going…just on a little more “normal” scale than yours.




Am I Correct in assuming you’re out Rochester way?


Yep. About 20mins east of downtown.



Spent sat and last night working on the areas under the stairs.

Finished up the lower 2/3 of the rear wall insulation and all the OSB sheeting except for under the stairs. Ill zip that up later this week probably.

Also, Im very tired of playing “move the construction supplies game”.



Another late start but I got the area under the stairs sheeted and 3 more light fixtures up. I ran out of wire nuts so I was unable to power them up. Maybe tomorrow.



Finally back to working on the shop after spending a lot of time building this:

Then I played “move the building supplies” as well as moving some larger items from the garage to the new shop and doing general cleanup so that I could build my workbench. Its going to be 18’ long and have 3 HF 44" bottom tool boxes built in under it (left 3 sections) and likely a 18" HF side box on the far right hand end to use as a “desk” drawer setup. I scavenged 3 6’ bench tops from work that Im going to resurface with something tbd.

This is what I have so far. The 5 legs are welded up as of last night and Im starting to work on the cross support pieces / tool box supports.



That’s a serious bench.


Serious seems to be the theme of this build. Haha



Seriously drawn out and expensive.