My shop/barn build thread


Last night I finished up some plastic taping, a little insulation, installed a bunch of J trim, and I installed two wall panels over the man door.

Then a buddy came over and we got 8 ceiling panels installed, which took a little over 3 hours. We did spent a bit of time screwing with the garage door brackets. I cut about 10" off the piece that bolts to the ceiling to avoid cutting too many ribs out of the steel and just so it would look nicer. I think now that we are into the middle area it “should” go a little faster. Plus now we have a system down for pre-measuring where the screws are going etc.



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Saturday AM we got another 6 panels up on the ceiling. So now just over 1/4 done. I also got the first 4 light fixtures hung and wired (only two pictured, obv).

Last night I got the first panel on the front wall installed.

Closeup of grommet for speaker wire and outlet plate.

I would have started on the panels over the garage door but I need to cut up more flashing to hide the wood above the J trim. Im sure no one else would notice but it bugged me seeing the wood, and especially seeing the giant blue LOWES on the house wrap tape I used to seal the ceiling plastic. I only had enough to go just past that first panel.

Of course this pic doesnt really show how much better it looks white. oh well.



This all looks incredible. :tup:


Every time I see updates to your shop/barn…


why the panels and not drywall?
Was it due to Cost? Labor?
Or your personal preference


Ive been asked this A LOT.

  1. drywall for a real working shop space seems “dumb”.
  2. certainly not cost, this is probably 3-4x the cost when you factor in trim and screws etc.
  3. who wants to tape, mud, sand, mud, sand, mud, sand, prime, paint? No one.
  4. I like to mod things. Should I ever need to run more wires, or w/e, I can just unbolt a seciton(s).


  1. gotcha
  2. ouch
  3. lol same here
  4. genius!


Didnt get a ton of time last night, but I did manage to get some more flashing installed under the end J channel, insulated and installed the steel over one garage door. I had to put one extra seam in over the center torsion support bracket, but its nearly impossible to see. I just overlapped the joint a tiny bit and added an extra screw.

Tonight its back to insulating the south (window) wall and trying to get some more steel up.



Got 8 more panels up last night. 4 more to be half way done. 30 to go total.

Going to pick up 3 more lights on the way home today so I can complete that first row.



Saturday pm I put up one more light and last night another. I now have 6 total, 9 to go.

Ran a couple of 220V lines for one of the on demand hot water heaters and a welder outlet near the lift area.

Put up a couple more pieces of insulation and two more wall panels.

Going to finish up the wiring tonight and likely hang more ceiling or wall panels on wed.





Got another section of insulation up and 3 more steel panels up on the south wall. One more and Ill be half way!

Im hoping to get a ton done this weekend / monday.



Sat pm my father in law and I got a little insulation up and two more wall panels. (no pics)

Sunday am I finished tying in a couple of 220V lines to the panel box, installed the fan speed controller, and the connected the last switch for the bench lights (which is what the romex hanging out of the wall between the windows is for), and got the panel box trim all back on etc.

Then I took yesterday off. Did a little yard work, then spent about 3 hours finishing up the south wall insulation.

Late last night I went back out and hung basically all of the south wall upper metal panels. I just have one partial panel to do in the corner which requires I hang one sheet on the back wall first.

PEX feed through for the outdoor pool shower. Its almost like I planned that perfect. Because I did.

And then, because there is no sleep til Brooklyn, I put up a few of the lower panels.

More wed night.



Last night we got another 6 panels on the ceiling, which puts me at about 54% done.

And I finished the small section under the panel box.

Saturday Im hoping to start / finish the front wall. At least the part between the garage doors.



It’s funny. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the pics are of the inside or outside. :slight_smile:


Haha ya. Sometimes you gota squint or cross your eyes. Then it makes sense again.